Sat 22/10-2011 Day 54

Dinner at "home" at the Prefectura house in Camarones. Thanks for the invitation! Watch my part of the dinner, the wine bottle...

Pos: here
Loc: Camarones
Acc: Prefectura Camarones building
Dist: 51,2 km
Start: 7:30 End: 18:30

The day started a bit disappointing, as the forecast was first easy following winds, and then it started with 15 kn headwinds…well, at least until lunchtime. Then it changed again to NE, and even became quite strong, 15-20 kn.

A colonie of sea birds

I should have paddled all the way very close to shore, but the last bay after Punta Fabian I cut across…strange wind against tide waves there, actually 90 degrees to each other, but annoying on paddling. I would have been probably faster hugging the coast. and it is just boring to paddle so far off the coast!

A word to some stupid comments on my website, when people are wondering if I’ll cut across the next big bay – Golfo San Jorge…
Guys, it’s freezing cold here at night! Don’t even think I’m keen to *sleep* in my boat in those conditions…in a dry suit…one night out paddling without sleep is enough…

And – I don’t like my trip to be judged by having to do big crossings again, I think people know I can do it.

I’m quite happy South America hasn’t to offer those obvious big bays to cross. I already stayed four nights out – enough! You can try it yourself, if you are so keen on having sensations…

Maybe further north when it’ close to the equator, I may enjoy some tropical nights out. But not here – if I don’t have to…

A BIG male sea lion

A nice sea lion colony was at Punta Loberia, but at some point you have even seen enough sea lions…but I still stayed a while around. They are always fascinating to watch!

A fight or rather a cuddle with one of his harem members?

But the actual highlight of the day came at night – the perfect service of the Prefectura Camarones! It pays off to be in a small village – people there are like a big family! No “useless” escort into the harbor, but:
I got picked up by the Prefectura at the harbor
I got driven to the Prefectura building
I got a room at the Prefectura
I got driven to a super market by the Prefectura
I got a perfect evening dinner – chicken with potataoes and two salads at 10.30 pm – served by the Prefectura boss – what else do I want? Well, maybe the next Prefecturas will be the same :-))

But it is very late now, my pictures will have to wait to be edited and uploaded – sorry…tomorrow is great paddling weather, so I have to go! I wouldn’t have minded to tay a few days more and be treated so well! :-))-

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Mark Harrison

Totally agree with Flopi. Would even go further and say a Captains rule is LAW. And I think any more negative comments and the instigator should be made to , at their own expense, stand on the Holy Stage and be given 60 seconds to explain to the assembled company what they have done with their lives and how they can justify their comments. The company will already be armed with rotten eggs and over ripe bananas!

( Not entirely joking either! He he )

Hi Freya, totally agree with Flopi & Chuck. It’s your expedition & you alone have the right to make decisions on how you conduct it. Also you are in he position to judge what is safe & what is not. Your decision making in the past has been outstanding, your expedition successes show that to be the case. Keep it up & the results will speak for themselves as they have in the past. As Chuck says – the seemingly senseless suggestions are most likely from people who just don’t understand the challenges & the difficulties. Stay true to yourself & forget the critics!!!!!

schön, dass du die prefectura dich so gut behandeln. hast du ja auch verdient, du tust ja ne ganze menge publicrelations in diesen tagen für das land, und natürlich auch für die kommenden anrheinerstaaten, mehr gratisaufmerksamkeit für ihre schönen küstenlandstriche können sie in den nächsten monaten ja eigentlich nicht bekommen. im zeitalter von internet und facebook werden auf diese weise durch dich eigentlich neue wege beschritten, und das noch auf umweltfreundliche weise.

Thomas Hahndorf

Ok friends, hope that Freya can enjoy the islands on the next 150 km so we can hear new islands stories at last 😉



Give Thomas a break, I wondered myself about Freya taking short cuts.

But on this trip she has more time to enjoy where she is paddling and doesn’t have a multitude of (wo)man eating, killing, maiming, beasties on the shore, which meant it was less dangerous to go across than round the big bay. So less beasties, more time and as she said herself, somewhat colder climes, coupled with more restriction where and when to paddle = going round the longer way.

Meike Michalik

Das nennt man Service , ist ja eine nette Prefecura 🙂
Lass dich verwöhnen.
schönen Tag mit hoffentlich super Wetterbedingungen

Chuck H.

Totally agree with Flopi. But, don’t be too harsh on folks who make seemingly senseless suggestions. They mean well, but simply don’t understand the situation. There are really very few people who do: You are one. Paul’s another. After that, the list is pretty short.


No one has the right to judge you. It´s your trip, your challenge, your skin, your decitions. Be strong, enjoy the way. Hugs

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