Sat 24/03-2012 Day 208

Back to the caves!

Pos: here
Loc: behind Cabo Almán
Acc: tent
Dist: 34,2 km
Start: 8:45 End: 16:33

A rainy, gray morning without much view, I paddled, and paddled and paddled seemingly against moderate wind and current…nothing interesting apart from a lot of seals at play and in two colonies. One big cave, the rest was mostly rocky beach. Low surf and seas.

Fortunately in the afternoon the sun came out, and as I was planning to land quite early, I spent at least a relaxing few hours on a gravel beach with drying my soaking wet sandy tent, cutting my pineapple on the clean gravel which I got given in Puerto Aguerre, and fighting the many flies and bugs until I disappeared in my tent for cooking.

Four more days of paddling, then it’s “big pit stop” in Puerto Montt. And another four more weeks until Valparaiso, then it’s “gigantic pit” stop in Germany!!! Yahoo!

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