Sat 25/01-2014 Day 576

My hosts Pieter with his wife Nancy (where I am living in Paramaribo) and German Honorary Consul Cees with his wife Tea. Thanks for looking after me!


At a fancy Rotary Club party this night!

Pos: here
Loc: Paramaribo
Acc: Pieter and Nancy’s house

Pieter and Nancy took me on a morning’s round trip through Paramaribo’s outskirts with a stop in an Indian restaurant. I am really pleased with this country! All you see is friendly and inviting.

In the afternoon I first got two new pieces of kit – first I could easily replace my In Georgetown lost hammock tarp, as Pieter owned by chance exactly the same and could just mail order a new one for himself anytime soon. Good, now I can sleep also again safe from the rain at night. The second piece I was thinking of which might be useful was a small kayak anchor, which I also could purchase from his large kit stock, even brand new. As I am always going against the current and wind, I can’t really stop for a break if I don’t find a fishing pole or such to tie to in the shallows. So this may be a useful piece of kit for my paddling direction – if it holds. The additional weight may be worth to carry.

The presidents of the three Rotary Clubs of Paramaribo, hosts of the fancy party on Saturday night. Thanks for inviting me!


Later it was a relaxing time at a pool in a big sports club, plus an invite to join Nancy at her hairdresser. Thanks! Sure there was a good reason to look even more pretty: That night I was invited by Cees and Pieter to join them for their big New Year’s party of all three Rotary Clubs of Paramaribo. A fancy event around the large house of the President of the Central Club, a scenery which seemed to me like out of a Hollywood movie 🙂 : It was outside around a well lit pool in a warm tropical night, with hundreds of international looking well dressed people of all skin colours making nice small talk with a fancy drink in their hands. They had two delicious buffets, salty and sweet, and a well sorted bar organized by a party service with maybe 50 -70 employees looking after your needs. Some dancing to local music topped the evening. I can’t complain about this contrast program to being stuck in mud and mangroves and eaten up by bugs! 🙂 I got introduced by the hosts over the microphone, and everybody recognized me from the morning newspaper’s front page. Sure I had to answer a lot of questions from a lot of nice people! Thanks for the invite!

Frontpage of the newspaper in Paramaribo/ Suriname


The party setup around the pool


Tomorrow will be my last day in Paramaribo, I got enough rest and socializing units by then 🙂 – back to the muddy water on early Monday morning, going out at 3 am with the dropping tide.

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Edda Post author

Spot the deliberate mistake: She’s still wearing my dress!! Lol 😉

Guess you will get to know the insects of Suriname and Guyana better than you’ll want to.

Stiff upper lip girl, you’ll get through this rough section. If anyone can, you can!

Randall Lackey

Glad to see the friendly people of Suriname were taking such good care of you.I had wondered about taking my Kayak anchor with me as well on river trips. I haven’t done so in the past but have run up on times it would have been helpful to have.i think it will be with me on the future trips.Hope that your new beginning along the Muddy shoreline will at least start out pleasant.Safe Paddling


Dear Freya Taschen company has published a very nice book about ” Insects in Suriname”.
Who don’t take it with you back home as souvenir?
I wish you all the best for the next paddling time. Good Wind and no fastidious insects.


Thanks for sharing a piece of Suriname with us.
Sounds like a friendly and inclusive society.
Paddle safely.
Compassion, awareness and wisdom

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