Sat 28/02-2015 Day 795

Alan and Nina, my friendly hosts in Sao Francisco do Sul


Highlights: Good current
Lowlights: Headwind
Launch: River beach
Landing: River beach
Pos: here
Loc: Sao Francisco do Sul
Acc: Alan and Ninas house
Dist: 30,7 km
Start: 6:50 End: 13:20

The night was dead calm after the very light thunderstorm in the evening. Nothing strong as fore casted. The morning was also calm, a light headwind around 10 knots was not bothering me too much. Especially not, as there was a good current carrying me right into the bay where Sao Francisco do Sul was located. So overall a much better day than expected. And I was already thinking to stay put on my beach…
On the short crossing over to the big island of Sao Francisco do Sul the sky was dark and rainy with stronger headwind. But there is really nothing exciting to tell on paddling!

I met my host Alan about 4 km before his home beach on the water,he was paddling an “Artic” sea kayak made by Christian Fuchs. Nina and Alan provided me a nice guest room in their house and cooked great food, that I decided to have a rest day tomorrow and to do some online work. All good!


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Oh, good, that means pictures tomorrow. And, you get a chance to treat your heat rash.

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