Sat 30/03-2013 Day 438


Me, my captain and my crew! I count only about 55 people out of the 80 on board, the rest has to be on duty.



Pos: here
Loc: before Carpurgana
Acc: Navy supply ship “Cartagena de Indias”

I war reading still in my bed, when Diana, my roommate and one of the Navigation officers came in to tell me we have to go on a Search and Rescue trip. One of a tross of four yachts was unable to navigate, and needed help.

Ok… anything we can do to help! Hopefully we will be back in time for me to start paddling.

Yes, the football crew of the 'Cartagena de Indias' chose the football dresses of thr 'German National Football Team'! The team includes the two 'Hector' captains and Diana.

All night long, the ship was moving heavier on the trip north east out of the Gulf than on anchor. Unbelievable, what kind of seas are created in the Caribbean! The waves are having simply a much shorter lengh than in the Pacific. Even the huge ship was occasionally *jumping* on the waves with it’s travelling speed, and was banging loud.

The first and second captain, both named 'Hector', plus the two only women on board, my cabin mates Paola and Diana.


Additionally, all kind of interior was banging and clapping, which got way worse when the ship turned for about 20km 90 degrees to the waves. But this was already around 9 am in the morning, as we drove about 80 nm out, 20 nm to the east, and then back. Not that we found someone who needed help…

Watch the guy to the right! 🙂


The big old lady felt like falling on her side in the easterly direction – scary cruise! Now I know why they had me sign a waiver for me being on the ship – my own wish and responsibility! 🙂

But I am trusting the now already 60 years old “Made in Germany” workmanship! Somehow it feels like being on a piece of home, as the old Versorgungsschiff “Lüneburg”, now “Cartagena de Indias”, was stationed in Flensburg, just 50km away from my hometown!

The “cruise” became a bit nicer on the way back, and I did no longer need to stay horizontal in my bed to fight seasickness. I went on the bridge and deck, and enjoyed my unplanned free open sea “Caribbean Cruise”. I think it’s a pleasure to see her on the move – being right in the center of action! I do not think many German “tourists” are able to experience this kind of trip…thanks again to the Colombian Navy for hosting me!

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Edda Post author

Happy Easter everyone.
First time daughter away, at Cadet camp having a ball (I hope), but miss her much.


For a moment, I thought you were calling yourself The Big Old Lady 😀 — enjoy the rest of your “cruise!”

Randall Lackey

That would have been awesome. I’m glad you got to enjoy it and thanks for sharing it with us..Rest well.Safe Paddling

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