Saturday night’s Asado

Big Cape Horn conference!
Saturday was packed with preparations of all kind, including a few hours spending in vain in a phone shop again to get my cell phone internet going….and a siesta nap for myself, before the guest for the barbecue party arrived!

As I will probably paddle around Cape Horn together with Alejandro and Juan Pablo, we took the chance to talk again to experineced in details with experienced Chilean Cape Horn sailboat captain Osvaldo E. Escobar and his Germna wife Jutta from the yacht “Polarwind”, plus to Ricardo from SDK kayaks, who paddled around Cape Horn as one of the first paddlers ever.

Juan Pablo's play corner

The BIG Asado fire was started already at 3pm ,as it takes a few hours to get the meat done with such a technique! The lump of meat got squeezed between a metal frame, and roasted slowly in 45 degrees position besides the open fire.

Argentinan barbecue - really a man's job!
Almost a whole side of a cow goes on the open fire
Again - barbecue chef Juan Pablo!
Cow guts - an Argentinan Asado delicacy...well...who likes it...

As an “gourmet” addition, we had cow guts, which Alejandro eventually neatly braided to small parcels and fried on another fire (not really for me…), plus some veggies and lean lumps of meat (yeah!) and unidentifiable sausages (no…).

Argentine barbecue

Aljandro’s and Virginia’s house is a real zoo – besides two dogs, a bird, 10-15 cats and probably 100 flees there is an armadillo (Gürteltier) living in the backyard – quite fascinating not only for little Theo!

Jaimito, the peludo lives in the backyard
Virginia shows Jaimito, the peludo
Theo is fascinated by the bird
Theo likes my bird's nest...
Two major kayak builders of Buenos Aires - Ricardo (SDK Kayaks) and Gustavo (M&G Kayaks)

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Now that’s what I call a barbie… Australia, eat your heart out. Just the thing for an unreconstructed carnivore like me. Yummy

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