Sun 14/12-2014 Day 719

Camp at the powder fine sand at Mangue Seco. Many surf waves to go through!


Highlights: I found some unbroken river entrance
Lowlights: It was narrow, scary, rough and bumpy
Launch: Low surf, then some ugly breaker field to get fully out
Landing: Sheltered river beach
Pos: here
Loc: Mangue Seco
Acc: tent
Dist: 43,3 km
Start: 4:45 End: 13:00

I was launching easy still inside the river, but was wondering where to leave this secure place…I saw from higher up some clean looking wide exit, but it was to be paddled back wards and against the wind, and there were still some breakers to be seen. I decided to turn with the wind into my direction, and to take what is coming there. It was not too bad, lumpy bumpy criss cross waves, but at the end still a mine field where the high ones mark the line where the river water hits the sea. Still all good, just a bit wet and scary.

As usual,all day the surf looked doable for landing around high tide. Sometimes I am wondering why making the effort with landing in those river mouths? Well, the surf is always bigger than it looks, and I just have to go in at low tide now. And it is easing your mind a lot to do rather a berth inside than outside of the surf. I have rather an end with short scary times then endless scary times and no end to be seen.

This could go for this last time wide river mouth. I was so eager to stay patient this time and to find an unbroken entrance, which at least this river should have, but it takes so much patience to find it, to see the line and then it is taking a lot of courage to go in between two heavy breaking reef sections where it is rarely or not breaking. At least this is what I found today,and an endless stretch to hit the northern safe shore where the village is in rough lumpy bumpy water, but with no breakers.It was a wide, but eventually safe berth.

I briefly got out at the village to climb a small hill to have a better overview, but it only confirmed what I remembered from the sat image. I will go further in with the quite strong wind, but against the now outgoing current. Eventually no big deal, but slow. It felt like I have been in here before – a similar sand bank in the middle, a similar tourist boat dumping the load on the sand, similar overloud music and similar happy noisy party people.It is still weekend! I am wondering how it will be landing in populated areas over the x-mas holidays…

Apropos x-mas…when was that? The only sense of x-mas I have here is my cinnamon flavored chewing gum, where I can envision the flavor of x-mas cookies and gingerbread…enough. I will paddle anyway over the holidays, just forgetting I have a home and a family I do miss.

Camping tonight is at the same powder fine sticky sand like at the other river mouth, not too pleasant to deal with. But it was a good early time to finish today. The surf zone on the southern end of this river is looking wide, but with very low breakers which should be wet but no problem, I hope…


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Randall lackey

Our thought will be with you as you press on next week through the Christmas holiday.Hopefully you’ll be in an area that you can make some good contact with loved ones and family.Safe paddling

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