Sun 07/12-2014 Day 712

Ready to start for the fishermen's Jandaga race!


Highlights: Another luxury paddling day
Lowlights: Saw a shark fin…
Launch: Sheltered reef beach
Landing: Sheltered river beach through bumpy entry
Pos: here
Loc: Rio Meirim
Acc: tent
Dist: 50,3 km
Start: 4:40 End: 14:45

One more of those luxury paddling days- light following wind, reef shelter to the left,calm beach to the right, calm water, shallows to negotiate. In the wide little less protected bay after the river behind Barra de Camaragibe, I spotted a distinctive shark fin turning it’s circles…I think it is the first one I may have seen for months, can’t actually remember one at all. Doesn’t mean they are not there everywhere…crossing that wide river mouth was still on higher tide, later the river at Barra de Santo Antonio I had to give a wide berth with a huge sand bank at lowest tide.

Low criss cross waves on the river mouth entrance of Rio Meirim


At that city, I almost ran into the field of 24 local fishing sail boats, those flat bottom floats with two guys standing on it, having a Sunday afternoon race, starting from the beach with no obvious turning point offshore. Nice to see! I am sure they had many fun competing instead of fishing. Other highlights were the rocky reefs itself, as low tide is around 11 am, I am right in it.Not as many rocky spots today, besides a large field after a cliffy head land, mostly sandy reefs.

It was Sunday, many people were out on the beaches, having a bath in the more or less bath tub hot water on the reefs (up to 35 degrees) or in between (down to “only” 25 degrees, just nice). I can’t say I really see anybody*swimming* in a sports style, rather a mutual family gathering with even sometimes umbrellas in the water. And sure the ever present noisy beach party music, which is really annoying when you eventually hear only the basses hammering in the distance.

Calm Campsite at Rio Meirim


But my river mouth spot was quiet tonight, the few people here are gone now. No cars around, thank goodness. I took a swim in the deep river water, the entrance had a lot off bumpy criss cross waves, but just fun!


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Amazing! This blog looks just like my old one! It’s on a entirely different topic but it has pretty much the same layout and design. Excellent choice of colors!

Randall Lackey

Always a pleasure to read of your days. Glad you had another nice one and got to finish it off with a somewhat quite campsite and a surely relaxing swim,hopefully triangle fin free.Safe Paddling.

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