Sun 10/02-2013 Day 390

I am the Tumaco paddling carnival princess!

Pos: here
Loc: Tumaco
Acc: Navy room

Tomorrow’s estimated landing:
About 50 km further north afloat on the Navy boat

All morning I was busy with my update, editing pictures and talking to Peter, until Diego and Felipe took me to a great barbecue beach restaurant for lunch. We had carne asado (grilled meat), yam roots, salty potato and grilled banana with guacamole. All very tasty, nicely prepared and served! The meat on the sticks on the open fire was quite
a tasty sight!

A really yummy asado place!


Lunch with Felipe and Dario in a very nice beach barbecue restaurant. Thanks, Dario!
Grilled bananas are quite popular here and deliciuos

We had a short walk on the beach, where I got treated to a fresh mango, and we were watching the preparations for the carnival fiesta going on on the beach. It was looking not much different than any big city party in our country – a huge stage with music, some drink sponsor displays, many food and drink stands, and people selling this and that. Still many, many armed soldiers everywhere. You are getting used to the sight and their presence…

Beautiful traditional Colombian busses called "chiva"
A Colombian spelled "Volswaguen" ! 🙂
A traditional dugout canoe stored at a palm tree at Tumaco beach
The arch with the empty pool at low tide from the beach side

The most fancy hotel on the beach provided me with fast internet so that I could upload and insert the pictures of the last days. Thanks! I was working for another three hours, then I was shopping with Felipe for some fresh mangoes in town and was searching for a whistle I had once lost on the beach of Galera. We could buy one from a  policeman…thanks!

Contra Almirante Luis Tovar Neira of Tumaco presented me a "Joint forces against nrco traffic" multi usage knife. Thanks!

I replaced the worn straps of my backrest in my kayak, well assisted by about 8 guys out there on the watch on the bridge. Last but not least Contra Almirante Luis Tovar Neira presented me with a worthy multi functional pocket knife on a short visit at night. Thanks a lot for being so nice and attentive to me here in Tuimaco! I was never hosted better by any South American Navy! And never liked a city much better than I was ever expecting…

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Jörg Hofferbert

Great experiences ! The other town on wooden bottom, Venize, isn´t competitive ! The human´s are the different.

Randall Lackey

Super that they are taking such good care of you and being so friendly.Safe paddling. Randall

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