Sun 16/09-2012 Day 270

View under the jetty approaching Caldera

Pos: here
Loc: Caldera
Acc: Club de Yachtes
Dist: 40,9 km
Start: 8:10 End: 17:05

No paddling tomorrow!

The night was all right, but when I rose early to find a bathroom spot at the beach,   why did just then a bunch of guys walk along the waterline in the darkness?? I felt I’d better walk off with my pants still down… 🙂

The surf was more down this morning, and it was easy to launch. Still, the swell was not fully down yet…

We were passing Isla Garcia on the outside with big swell crashing on the rocks, and before the entrance to Isla Grande the swell was building up massively! Good to be able to tell on viewing white spots from the distance, whether they are just easy foam or dangerous breakers…

The gap inside was calm paddling along sand dunes on the shore and along cliffs on Isla Grande, and we could relax again and shared an orange.

Up to Punta Morro, paddling was along high cliffs again, until we could spot the open wide bay of Bahia Inglesa. A favorite holiday spot also! We spotted for the first time a sail boat there…

But we liked to reach Caldera Yacht Club tonight, and were greeted by a bunch of friendly club members expecting us already. Nice place!

We got a corner inside the yacht club where we could spread out our gear and mattresses, and made ourselves at home after a nice hot shower.  Our laundry got already done by Sophia, the wife of the club’s president Joshua. thanks a lot, Sophia!

We tried to fall asleep, but…a squeeky noisy floating jetty was the least problem – there was some place with some very loud South American music playing until 5 am very close by, which was so loud we could not plug it out by simply inserting our ear plugs…the joys of being in civilization again!

I was freezing my butt off in my sleeping bag only, being used to my now freshly washed fleece liner. I simply took it at some point off the laundry line, and was sliding into the still a little damp fleece, which was a lot better than my smooth but cool feeling sleeping bag inside. It dried quickly from my body heat, and I could fall into a light sleep with this f…… background music pounding my ears all night…


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