Sun 18/11-2012 Day 333

I couldn't help but stop at a Peruvian x-mas store...

Pos: here
Loc: Punta Hermosa
Acc: Hotel Ariosto in Lima
Dist: 0 km


No paddling tomorrow… 🙁

Hmmmm…this was a real rest day. Peter got sick and has been sleeping and sweating all day with some kind of fever. He ate only a banana…I have been working online on my pictures and other stuff and went out briefly in the afternoon for some small food shopping. I also was wandering around the Miraflores district for a while where our hotel was, but not much other than more hotels, many casinos and hundreds of “Original Inca stores” with surely beautiful handcrafted things I don’t need I didn’t really see. Well, sure many other tourists also…not my place to be!

I’m hoping Peter is feeling better tomorrow, that we can do our big food shopping for the next leg until Chiclayo.

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I learned not to eat food that was washed with local water but my friend got sick and had to take my flagyl prescription. I concur that he might check with a clinic there. The Inca mercado is worth the trip with many local textile designs if you get more time. You can also parasail at the park in Miraflores. Glad you are getting some rest! Schlaf gut.

Robert Knopel

Dear Freya
I recommend that Peter ask a Dr.
Remember about our conversations here in Iquique.
Best regards for you both.


Deine Bilder sind mal wieder klasse.
Ich wünsche Peter gute Besserung. Freya und Dir wünsche ich einen schönen Tag. Vielleicht ist da ja jemand, der Dir etwas von der Stadt zeigen kann.
Schade, dass Peter Dich schon verlässt. Aber toll, dass er Dich so lange begleiten konnte. Das ist ja nicht jedem gegönnt. Verbringt noch eine schöne Zeit
god bedring til Peter, liebe Grüsse aus DK

Randall Lackey

Hope Peter gets to feeling better soon.I think youve probaly gathered Id love to if it wasnt for several thousand miles. Randall

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