Sun 25/12-2011 Day 118

Navy officer Gaston Lopéz with his wife Jessica and their son at Puerto Toro

Pos: here
Loc: Puerto Torro
Acc: tent
Dist: 46,3 km
Start: 9:30 End: 18:45

I checked the weather forecast again last night, and the “magic calm Tuesday” was still there, and better than ever. I decided that this will be the day for the crossing – with two paddling days before to get to the jump off point. It was strong to moderate west wind all day, no problem in the shelter of the lee of the mountains. The water was calm everywhere, and I could mostly paddle between the kelp and the rocks. It was an easy, beautiful sunny paddling day!

Inside the Holger Islands

I could paddle between a few small islands as well, and found some beautiful hidden places which would be ideal for camping. But my destination was Puerto Torres!

Puerto Toro

My reception party was about four local kids, and I put up my tent right on a grassy spot at the beach. The local Navy officer, Gaston Lopéz, came down to greet me, and I finished making camp, changed, and walked up to his house. We were talking about my trip, and his wife Jessica served me some nice home made x-mas cake. Yummy!

Holy boat in the church of Puerto Toro

But I was quite tired from all the social evenings at Puerto Williams, and was happy to get into my tent! I noticed too late I was camped right besides the local electricity generator for the few houses of the village, but they’ll switch it off around 11pm – or I’ll have earplugs…

Another holy boat outside of the church of Puerto Toro

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Jörg Hofferbert

No breathbreak between christmas ?! But i understand, the weather suitable. Good get along to the cape horn.

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