Sun 26/01-2014 Day 577

Nice shiny kind of pine fruits on the beach


Relaxing last day in Paramaribo
Pos: here
Loc: Paramaribo
Acc: Pieter and Nancy’s house

Not much to tell…some press interviews, online work, a visit to Pieter’s parents who are living in an interesting house built right on the river on stilts. They can’t prevent their dog seeing the neighbour’s dog – on high tide he is swimming over, on low tide walking across the mud…

I am ready to go tomorrow! Early morning 3 am…yawn! But I have to catch the tide going out. Next high tide is at 1.15 already, I need to be landed by that time on the end of the long beach.

Thanks again to Pieter and Nancy giving me a home on the road and to their kids Jessie and Ashley letting me sleep in their pink princess room, and to Cees Dilweg organizing my stay and pickup. Suriname was worth a visit!

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Yawning the whole morning, yes! Not much sleep between seeing Freya off, and seeing her green back light disappearing in the darkness. Good to read your visa to Suriname was worth the paddling down to us from Georgetown. Have minor trade-winds and a good trip to Cayenne!

Barbara G.

Freya in a pink princess room – sounds like a symbol to me: women can do (and be) anything!

Hope you find the next stretch a little less demanding than the last one, so you can gather some strength for the Amazon.

Frances Price

Thank you for sharing all of your adventures with us, on the water and off! Happy paddling!


I am so glad Suriname was good to you.
Have a good paddle in the days to come.
May the radiant beings protect you on your journey.


Glad to hear that you got some well deserved rest. Keep paddling and God Speed on the next leg of your journey

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