Sun 30/09-2012 Day 284

Our lovely hosts in Antofagasta - Padro and his wife Vicky, a bit squeezed in by their cute three year old twin girls Francisca and Valentina, myself, Juan, and English speaking friend of Pedro, and Peter.

Pos: here
Loc: Antofagasta
Acc: Pedro’s and Vicky’s house
Dist: 0 km

No paddling tomorrow!

We woke late on this Sunday morning, not used to hit the bed so late! As we are sleeping on an air force base, Sunday morning was amazingly quiet. Pedro said, wait until Monday morning…

Pedro bought some fresh buns for breakfast, and we were diving into our usual chores online. The afternoon, we drove back into town and made our big food shopping until Arica. Sure we also could resupply in Topocilla or Iquique, but we rather carry more and save the time and organization energy for this effort.

On driving to town, two things sprung again my eye: There was a large field just besides the highway in the middle between the air force base and the city with about 50 beautiful large very solid tents . They had embroidery’s and colorful applications allover, and were mostly open to one side. They were Gypsies! Last night, we could see in almost every tent a TV running and all in all, Pedro explained they are not really moving around like Gypsies are usually doing. No caravans, just those interesting tents, almost like Bedouins.

The second thing was a grave yard – as the earth here in the desert is probably rock hard and digging the dead corpses into the ground as we are doing is obviously unknown, they had large rectangular houses, where on each side you could see small squares with some relics and names of the dead people, and probably a space for the coffin to simply slide in. Notsure what happens to the corps in this dry air over the years…

Done shopping, we started unpacking and repacking the food a bit, until it was almost midnight again! Tomorrow is another organization day and we will finish.

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Randall Lackey

Very interesting,Thanks for sharing.enjoy your time off.Safe Paddling.

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