The 2nd Continent will be…


…South America!

Hola América del Sur – Yo voy!

Olá América do Sul Eu vou! (for the Brasilians…)

(Don’t even think I can talk Spanish or Portuguese (yet) – but I may be learning a bit…thanks to Google translator so far…)

My (very) rough schedule is:

I’ll be doing it in three for my family and business “socially acceptable” legs – yes, call me a “wimp” 🙂 …

I’ll be starting my first leg around Sept/ Oct 2011 in Valparaiso/ Chile, just west off Chile’s capital Santiago on the Pacific Ocean. It is also the main harbour of the Chilean Navy. They use to supervise big kayak trips along their coastline, as Justine and Barry just now have to deal with them, going around Terra de la Fuego. I borrowed them my sat-phone…good luck to you both!

I’ll be around x-mas in Punta Arenas, probably going through the Magellan Strait, leaving Cape Horn south. The entire trip will be long enough…but I’m not 100% sure yet about that “shortcut”.

The first leg will finish after 7-8 month probably in Buenos Aires/ Argentina.

I’ll have 4-5 month in our summer off at home, continuing my second leg up north again in Sept/ Oct 2012: Uruguay – Brazil – French Guayana – Surinam – Guyana – Venezuela.

This leg won’t be a perfect match in seasons, as I may have to paddle quite a bit around the equator in the rainy season…but you can’t have it all on an expedition and have to take what you get. I should be allright most time at the coast, and even happy about a free tropical freshwater shower every day :-)…

I’ll finish my second leg again after 7-8 months probably in Caracas/ Venezuela.

Then again 4-5 months off in our summer 2013, continuing in Sept/ Oct 2013 for the rest: Venzuela – Columbia – through the Panama Canal – Columbia again – Ecuador – Peru, and back to Valparaiso/ Chile – right before my 50th birthday in May 2014!!!

Very roughly it’s about 22.000km to paddle, and I’ll spend about 22 months on the water.

On this trip I’ll be not “racing” – though keeping up a good pace as usually. There won’t be anyone to “race” anyway – besides myself. To my knowledge no one has ever paddled the entire South American coastline, though most parts have been paddled before.

Challenges will be “a bit of everything” – 11 different countries are to pass, extending from the northern 10th-ish to the southern 50th-ish latitude, crossing the equator twice.

From tropical heat and calmish seas to the challenging windy and unpredictable cold weather and rough seas at the southern tip – everything will be there.

Just the salty crocs will be missing this time, maybe replaced by the challenge of dealing with different people of 11nations in a foreign language (mostly Spanish, just Portuguese in Brazil).

I’m looking forward to all those challenges!

I’ll be updating my website in the usual way I did along Australia, so you can follow along again!

Most important – the world’s best “weather man” Karel Vissel will provide me again with daily weather updates on my satellite phone, as he did already around Iceland, New Zealand and Australia (and as he’s doing on plenty of other mayor expeditions on this world) – THANKS, KAREL!!!

Now I’d love to ask YOU for help – to help me with contacts, experiences, knowledge in Spanish or Portuguese, links to interesting websites and such.

Thanks a lot!

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Hello Freya, I’m deeply impressed by your achievements and your public appearances.

Wish you all the best for your upcoming trip. Please stay healthy and come back in one piece … despite dentulous or venomous and some times … nosy animals.

When will you start the project “Circumnavigation of South America”?

Grüße aus dem unteren Mittelrheintal bei Unkel!


O MY GOD !!!

She’s gone and done it now.
Australia was a civilised (of sorts 😉 ) country. Most places in SA your gear will feed a family for a year. Political unrest, hostage takers….
I shudder to think.

She can do it, will do it, but what will others do, that would be my concern.

Sorry to sound so concerned and put a spoiler on it, all the very best good luck for the trip.

Chris Mousseau/Rick hayes

Hey, Freya,

We send our best wished for your new adventure – hope and trust you’ll show your usual impeccable preparation and total determination. We’ll be following the blog as you progress…


best of luck – if you call that being a wimp then it’s a pretty tough wimp,



If you can learn Spanish, I can learn facebook so I guess either will do. I’m starting my trip around North America with a Maine to Miami leg about 4 months) in Aug. 2012. SEEYA out there.

Chuck H.

Go for it, Freya! Will you be taking the 18X Sport, or a different boat?
It will be worth your while to spend the winter with some intense Spanish lessons. It is not a difficult language, and the effort will doubtless repay you over and over during your trip.
BTW, it’s “wimp”, not “whimp”, and nobody with any brains would apply that term to you.

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Seems like my facebook page is more popular for traffic with some 20+ comments and 50+likes now…

Freya Post author

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