The last days

Juan Paulo Ceron, owner of Universal Kayaks and Rockside Expeditions

Friday, after I got the gear cleaned and organized which I used on my trip, Cristian, Ignacia and I drove to Santiago to pick up the luggage I had left in Buenos Aires with Virginia, Alejandro’s wife.

THULE organizing a ground transport to Mendoza, thanks! Juan Paulo Ceron was so nice to drive over the border to pick my bags up, as flying them in would have been trouble with customs.

A staff member pours plastic powder into the mould

We took the chance to visit Juan Paulo’s Universal Kayak rotomold factory, where he produces a wide range of plastic kayaks and other plastic products. Basically, making a plastic kayak looks like a simple process: Pouring the plastic powder into the mold, and then baking it in the oven. Surely, it requires a lot of knowledge and preparations plus finishing work on the product.

The moulds and oven at the Universal Kayak factory in Santiago

Juan Paulo also runs “Rockside Expeditions” to organize kayak trips. He also offered to store my kayak in his factory while I’m home. Thanks, Juan Pablo!

Cristian and Ignacia on our lunch in Santiago

My lovely hosts Cristian and Ignacia went really out of their way to help me along with all my needs on my last days. They are not only giving me a private room in their fancy apartment building in the 17th floor with a great view over Vina del Mar and Valparaiso, but Ignacia was also cooking great food at home, Cristian was taking me out several times for lunch and dinner, was driving me around to Santiago and sightseeing in Valpo/ Vina, they will store a few gear bags in their home until I’m back late August, plus will look again after me on my new start!  They are really great hosts! I started with a veterinarian host in Buenos Aires (Alejandro), and finish with two dentists in Valparaiso. God save the doctors! – as long as they don’t have to work on my body…

Thanks very much, Cristian and Ignacia!

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Ken Moore

Congratulations again Freya. Just 10 minutes ago finished “Fearless”, so I am in a kind of daze. Incredible. Thanks for the demonstration of controlling emotion. I first me you on Kaluakoi beach just prior to the 2006 Molokai Solo. You beat me. Maybe you will come back and we’ll race again. I was 60 then, now I’m younger. After all, it’s only 32 roaring, open-ocean miles! Warmest Aloha

Hugo :)

Hola mi nombre es Hugo tengo 26 años y soy de Chile, de la Ciudad de Osorno, comuna San Juan de la Costa y vivo en una caleta llamada Bahía Mansa, donde mis viejos tienen un Restaurant llamado “Restaurant Glorimar”, con especialidad en pescados y mariscos, de comida muy rica en proteínas ijii:), Bueno soy sobrino de una tía que conociste en Caleta milagro, donde te enojaste según ella por el timón del kayak que se destruyo creo. Bueno te escribo para decirte que es Increíble que existan mujeres tan valientes y extremas como tu! de veras te felicito, “eres lo mejor”. Veo esas fotos y estoy pensando seriamente seguir tu ejemplo, cuando termine mi carrera Universitaria en Educación Física y espero adquirir un kayak así de bueno y profesional, porque ahora tengo uno simple, donde me mojo entero kjakajkajkaj….


Freya, you’re a really AMAZONA, the german version…You really did a great trip… CONGRATULATIONS, and wnjoy your rest at home..!

Sincere congratulations for an awsome achievement Freya; What an enormous expedition ; your Blog and pics are a daily inspiration and escape for me and I can’t wait to leave again for the next expediton in june; this time with my brandnew(had the delivery in Amsterdam;monday7/5) Epic X18S expedition (the first two new x18 in Belgium)>> My new baby ;-)) is inpatiently waiting in his red Epic cover to get out for the first time on the waves of the Hasselt -Albertcanal between the oiltankers Yipikayee:-)) ;Enjoy your well deserved rest in Hunsum and I wish you all the strength & luck to attack the next part of your epical odysee South-America expedition Nice greetings from Brussels in Belgium

Congratulations on completing the first leg of your journey! After months of reading your blog daily I was out of town kayaking when you finished. I actually drove past Valparaiso, Indiana, USA on the way home. I look forward to your return. Travel safely and enjoy the time!

Ricardo Monje Mohr

Hallo liebe Freya,
Ely u. ich gratulieren dir recht herzlich für das erfolgreiche Ende dieser ersten Etappe.
Hast Du alle sachen rechtzeitig in Valparaíso bekommen?
Ich hab es nicht bestätigen können.
Wir wünschen dir die beste Erholung nach dieser riesigen Anstrengung.
Recht herzliche Grüsse für dich, für Helge und für Peter.

Deine Freunde aus Punta Arenas, Ely u. Ricardo.

Roberto Milano

Freya, you are great. I hope you come back to continue reading you every day. See you soon.
Roberto Milano
Villa María – Córdoba


Congratulations on an amazing feat! WOW !!!! you are a great paddler. Enjoy your well earned rest now 🙂

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