Thu 01/01-2015 Day 737

The ominous sumbarine at the beach


Highlights: Saw a submarine on the beach
Lowlights: Endless paddle with not much entertainment
Launch: Wet low surf
Landing: Low surf
Pos: here
Loc: before Rio Salsa
Acc: tent
Dist: 50,0 km
Start: 5:10 End: 14:05

If you don’t care about the launch timing, even low surf gives you quite a New Year’s morning wash! But no big deal, water temperatures are still 26 degrees. Different to the heroic dip in the freezing Baltic Sea my partner Peter did at his New Year’s Eve party in Denmark…no, not to get sober again, but as a base layer to get drunk! 🙂

The three river mouth I was passing today had such low surf I was intentionally paddling in the river bar breaker zone to have a bit of entertainment and fun.When I am thinking back to the trashy river mouths before Salvador…ok, river mouth number three was not so shallow and had fewer breakers, and I was paddling sleepy along, when one of *those* rare larger one caught me from the side and surfed me in with almost 20 km/h, close to shore…wake up, Freya! At least I can surf…

I spotted some strange object on the beach close to two of the few houses I saw today- what was that? A space capsule landed directly from Mars? No green small men around, actually no one around. I came closer, had a second look, was almost tempted to land, but this was an obvious submarine right on the edge of the beach on the sand, tied with a rope to a palm tree, so obviously still somehow in use? What the hell was it for? We are not in Colombia here, aren’t we? It was about 15 m long, maybe 2 m in diameter and looked like one of those flying cigar- shaped Zeppelins, with a propeller at the bottom stern and a small cabin on the top end. If I’d be Sherlock Holmes, I’d have been landing…

Shady camp with many horse flies before Rio Salsa


Getting closer to 50 km, I was searching for a good landing spot with some shade and found a small pine tree area which looked very inviting and remote. Not that there were still some wheel tracks to be seen, but old ones. Hope that no one comes here tonight!

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Randall Lackey

Was is a Yellow submarine?The Beatles.Just had to throw that in. Great to read your days continue good and you’re making good time.Safe Paddling


Happy New Year Freya. Through your wholesome actions may there be greater awareness among people of our precious oceans and their coasts.
Glad things are moving along. Looking forward to seeing your photos of this coast.

Frank Fichtmüller

Das “Getüm” da am Strand: Ziemlich dahinter ist ein Militärgelände, Freya. Da scheinen ein paar Jungs ihre Spielsachen nicht aufgeräumt zu haben. Lasses mal alles liegen, sonst ärgern die sich! F.

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