Thu 05/03-2015 Day 800

Cesar, my host in Jurere/ Florianapolis


trip days left: 58
straight distance left: 1232,61 km
Launch: Low to moderate surf
Landing: Sheltered beach
Highlights: A room with air condition!!!
Lowlights: Short paddle despite good wind
Pos: here
Loc: Jurere
Acc: Cesar and Beth house
Dist: 32,3 km
Start: 6:00 End: 12:40

I timed it not really perfect in the surf this morning- first I had to wait in the shallows with the kayak already afloat, fighting a strong side surge to the rocks, and when I jumped on, I got a hard wash from the side. Well, the water here is still relatively warm with 24 degrees, but colder than before the last two headlands. Not much to tell about the paddle, some magnificent rocks to see in between an island channel, then it was open water to land slightly off course at the Yacht Club of Jurere where my host Cesar and a bunch of nice people were waiting for me.

Cesar got my repaired GPS sent to his house which I could pick up, so I do have a spare one again, thank goodness. The electronics die here like flies in the heat and humidity. Cesar is looking nicely after me with food shopping escort, a nice room with air condition (first time again after Rio de Janeiro!) and good food. Thanks!

Dinner with Cesar's family in a great sea food restaurant. Thanks!


I also checked the weather fore cast for the next week, it looks like I can paddle for four or maybe five days more with relatively low (head)winds and seas under 1,5m (which may be here on this coast a reasonable limit for open beach landing), then seas are going up to 4 m and winds around 20 to 30 knots with lot of rain. Yahoo! I may just make it in four days to Cabo Santa Marta where the open beach starts. Perfect timing…or rather not! I have no idea how long I will have to sit there and wait for the going seas back down again…