Thu 09/04-2015 Day 835

Hello guys!


trip days left: 23
straight distance left: 386,3 km
Highlights: I closed the loop with the first huge seal colony!
Lowlights: Sun in my eyes not to enjoy the seals fully
Pos: here
Loc: before Port La Paloma
Acc: tent
Dist: 55,4 km
Start: 6:35 End: 17:10

I rounded the beautiful sandy cape, and despite there were two more inviting sheltered bays to land I picked the best one with the best highest dune view. I loved watching the tiny avalanches of sand going down a steep dune side!

More seals on the rocks
Not only rocks - but hundreds of seals and birds!
The large seal colony at Cabo Polonio - unfortunately to watch only against the sun


Across Cabo Polonia, on Isla Rasa, I was delighted to hear first and see soon my very first huge seal colony after the end of Peru! For me it was like I rounded today the continent, being back to the wildlife I was missing so much. Not sure if I already missed on one of the other rocky islands or headlands some first seal, I have neither heard nor seen some,but there were some names already like “Punta Lobos” or such hinting to their presence. They are so cute to watch and to listen to!It really made me thinking of the beginning of my trip in Argentine, Chile and Peru where I had seen thousands of seals in hundreds of colonies. Not much wildlife besides turtles and fish in the northern area. But it may also be my last colony for this trip. Unfortunately the sun was just behind them in the early morning, and the sea was still quite bumpy. But I spend a few minutes to watch and listen as close as I could get.

Lighthouse at Cabo Polonio


Cabo Polonia had a beautiful light house! The following beach was not too friendly with a strange double dumper combination, as much I could see and judge from the water. But I had no need to land there until I came close to the port at La Paloma. I preferred the shallow beach with low rolling surf over going into the port shelter which was not only a deep dead end but also looked too busy to find an inviting camp. Going further into the natural port, also a deep dead end, I felt it was too late for today. The beach is quite empty, and the street far away enough to probably have a quiet night.

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Randall Lackey

sounds like you’re trying hard to take in all you can in the last days before its all over for awhile,understandably. I do the same nearing the end of my trips. ready for the finish, but also hating to see it come to an end, even though mine are usually barely more than a week long at a time.Take it in and enjoy all you can. safe Paddling.


Cabo Polonio was a hippie settlement in it’s early beginnings, 100% spontaneous growth and no city planning at all! It still has a very special flair. Lovely place, and Uruguay has plenty of them. I still keep the T-shirt “Al fin y al Cabo, llegué a Polonio” haha. It is a pitty that Freya is missing these nice places and it’s people because she is in a kind of hurry, in a race -very understandable of course.

Andres Koch

Cabo Polonio, y sus playas hasta Barra de Valizas, un desierto con playas increibles. Parece ayer cuando pasabas por Bahía de Samborombón hace casi 4 años y ya estás a solo un paso de concluir semejante aventura. Ya estás a un paso!!!! Fuerza!!!!!
Andres Koch


The wild marine life description sounds wonderful Freya.
You know you are going home however enjoy being in the moment for this will not be repeated, this time, this place, this space, this event and this breath!

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