Thu 13/02-2014 Day 595

Emanuelle was very helpful for me in the kayak club from Cayenne. Merci! Great girl!


More online preparations and shopping
Pos: here
Loc: Cayenne
Acc: Eric’s and Christina’s house

My head is smoking…I was researching, reading up and downloading so many on informations, maps and read in sailing directions and charts and weather reports and tide predictions and…and…and…

The main problem the next 8-10 day will be the lack of good campsites. The first day somewhere before Fleuve Approuague I expect already to stay just on the mud, fortunately the tide is high in the evening and low at midnight. Night 2 and 3 I may find some dry ground inside the big Bay of Oyapok, then night four after crossing the bay, and probably two or even four nights more, fortunately now with following NE wind, I will have also to make up with a mud camp. Then come some solid sandy beaches for a long while, until Cabo Norte where the tides and currents will start to be funny, but beaches may be mostly sandy. It will be quite exciting!

I was bunkering food for 3-4 weeks which will almost last until Belem, and water for 10-11 days which should take me to the first villages on the sandy stretch. Hola the kayak will be packed and heavy! Let’s hope the very big scary waves won’t occur any more…!!!???

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Randall Lackey

Rough nights ahead sounds like with the miles of muddy shore ahead.You’ll be paddling quite a heavy load,with all the food and water on board but gotta be prepared for the long stretch.Hope you’re prepared physicaly as well. Safe Paddling

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