Thu 15/09-2011 Day 17

Some abandoned backyard

Pos: here
Loc: Playa Verde
Acc: tent
Dist: 60 km
Start: 7:00 End: 17:15
A long day with following winds 15-20 kn from the back quarter section, so I always had to make sure not to get blown out to sea…but no problem. Still quite draining…
More of a problem is that I’m not paddling too hard when it’s following winds and fall asleep too easy… 🙂

Not much to see today on the coastline,only one (probably) Prefectura car with flashing light in Mar del Sur watching the sea (me???), and then no more humans besides one single person on the beach and a huge ship and two trawlers way out on the sea.

But there was again one whale, this time in the distance spouting and showing his back and fin, two small dolphins close to shore and three seals…well, and the reef…almost all along the sandy dune coast now is a reef which proves impossible to land on low tide.
Fortunately when I wanted eventually to land it was high tide enough to be floating just about over it…but there were lots of wrecks and metal pieces on this beach…other boats need more water under the keel…

My exit was a bit inelegant, as I got stuck about a meter or so before the sandy beach on the last bit of (luckily soft…) reef, I jumped out of the boat and forgot that you can usually walk on the reef, but in between the reef pieces it can be quite deep water…not that I didn’t have that already in Australia…
A small wave washed my kayak up the sandy beach, and I was hanging on to it and slid on my stomach in the shallow water out of my reef trap…well, with bad luck this can break your legs. But I’m always a lucky girl!

18 km left to Necochea – see how the weather is tomorrow, forecast again are following winds, which I feel I neef to make the most out of…maybe I have only a brief stop to fill up with water…though it seems that half the town is expecting me…we’ll see!

4 comments on “Thu 15/09-2011 Day 17


Hi Don,
you met Freya yet? She’s anything but little: Physique, Ambition and Ability.
Big friendly greetings 😉

Don Hebel

Good long day and good progress… it is tough to make extrordinary distance each day when you have fans waiting to see you and spend time. I guess you have reached the age of ambassador and must accomplish your bound duties:)
Watch those reef landings little German girl.

ja, so kanns weiter gehen. immer schön der wind von achtern, und keine mudlandungen. hier heute nachmittag ausnahmsweise mal schön.kommt ja doch noch was in die kassen. beste grüsse uwe

Meike Michalik

bewundere deine Energie, 60 km am Tag, super . Davon bin ich weit entfernt, schaffe knapp 40 km. Aber wie sagt man : Übung macht den Meister “. Leider werden die Tage kürzer, der Herbst ist da und so werden meine Ausflüge in der Woche kurz 🙁
Freue mich jetzt schon auf die nächste Saison, werde aber trotzdem im Winter paddeln. Beneide dich um deine Kraft und Mut. Das kann nicht jeder.
Wünsche dir einen schönen Tag
freue mich auf deinen nächsten Bericht
hilsener, Grüsse y saludos Meike

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