Thu 19/11-2012 Day 337

Outside Lima harbor was an area with old still floating shipwrecks - floating until they'll sink?

Pos: here
Loc: Chancay
Acc: tent
Dist: 57,7 km
Start: 5:40 End: 16:35

Estimated landing: Punta Salinas
Estimated starting time: Right after sunrise
Estimated landing time: Well before sunset

A good sleep, guarded by a huge Rottweiler dog with the deepest dog voice I ever have heard…I was not sorry to not have to go out of our Pavillon again last night and told Peter he has to be the first one this morning…but the dog was nowhere to be seen any more.
We had to bend down to pack our boats again, my knees still felt the effort form last night’s unloading – autsch!!!

We were passing the area where the “utility” boats were moored, then came the “parking lot” of a fleet of huge fishing boats. Next was an area where “commercial crafts out of service” were anchored – a floating ship graveyard. I wonder what will be happening to those rusty guys? Rusting as much as at some point they’ll sink themselves??

It was very low wind all day and low swell, the sea surface was almost oily…literally at some places. As well as obviously a northern sewage plant was dumping it’s stuff from Lima also into the sea. We had to paddle again for over an hour in stinky seas. This time a bit less concentrated, as we were further out.

But once we thought this was over, the bird’s shit smell fro a line of island caught our nose – is that considered natural?? Also a lot of trash was floating here north of Lima – all the gifts of a big city.

As soon as we were turning into Chantay’s bay, the swell was magically there to create quite some surf. But we made it in dry, under the watching eyes of a bunch of locals. They were all helpful on dragging up the kayaks and putting up the tent. Thanks! Peter was more in a “chatting” mode, and at some point I though I give them my card. Sure they thought Peter was the one paddling around South America – sorry, guys, here’s the “real hero” – it’s “La Senora” :-))

It’s always a bit tricky to change on a public beach with locals watching, but I now simply dive into the empty tent and have m shower inside – I can wipe the floor later! I need to rinse my body from the salt!

The harbormaster (right) in Chancay is helping us!

The harbor master came a bit later to greet us and to take pictures, and soon we closed the curtain of our beach show – means we were diving into the tent for food and sleep.

3 comments on “Thu 19/11-2012 Day 337

Scott Evans

La Senorita bonita o be accurate. All the tourists drink water in plastic and it gets dumped into the rivers to eventually end up in the ocean. The river below Machu Pichu is littered with plastic. It is so discouraging.

Randall Lackey

Its a shame about more Lima sewage dumped in the Ocean.You tell em Gal. you’re the La Senora doing the big feat here.No disrespect here Peter, but you’re along for the Great experience of Paddling with Freya.I can see you taking a cleansing shower in your tent,must be a real challenge, but I can understand wanting to get the salt washed away. Glad you had a good paddling day,hopefully more to come.Safe Paddling

Sarka Lhotak

I am just reading here in the last issue of Economist that the previous mayor of Lima is being investigated over a payment of $13.8 million dollars to a shadowy waste-management company. That may be why there is no waste water treatment in Lima. Lima is home to 8.5 million people! All that I learn thanks to Freya’s trip (I most likely wouldn’t have read the article otherwise).

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