Thu 20/03-2014 Day 630

This poor male water buffalo grazing at the road side was able to be controled with the string through the nose...


Slow online all day
Pos: here
Loc: Punta de Pesqueiro
Acc: Gelderson’s Hotel

Soure has two public internet places, the first one wasn’t open yet at 8.30 am, at the second one we could kick the owner next door out of the bed… It was a place with about 8 computer stations, all a bit dusty and not really the latest kit, no wifi though. I could at least plug in my laptop with an internet cable – but the baby didn’t survive the transport and decided not to work today. So I tried to get used to the dusty old computer and keyboard, but had to install Google Chrome first before I could start uploading any picture to picasa. This worked at some point, but then the mouse felt overworked and flickered.

The friendly owner let me eventually use his own reasonable up to date computer, interrupted by his own jobs, mainly printing stuff for clients. But my pictures were all the time loading in the background, 181 to upload! The speed was surely slow, and by lunchtime when he unfortunately had to close for the weekend, but I had at least maybe 30 pics uploaded. Not subtitled or geotagged or inserted into the matching blog entries yet, but I could meanwhile organize the somewhat in wrong order blog entries and kill the boring short “updates by sat phone”.

Sorry I was also deleting your comments (for now!) on those sat phone updates, I will see how I can keep them and re-insert them back to the matching full update (Peter will help…). I fixed a few of the map points but no tracks uploaded yet. I could have done all that in already a few hours on the arrival day and yesterday – if there had been fast internet at my hotel and my own laptop were working. But we are in the north of Brazil ina small town!

After lunch (another yummy buffalo steak at the hotel…) I found the other internet place open at 3 pm, a much more modern and up to date place! The internet speed was not much different though, it is just what is available here. But in five hours I was at least able to upload the rest of the pics, and to subtitle, geotag and insert half of them already. The rest you need to view right now without subtitles and in the picasa album only, sorry. I will not be able to continue working online tomorrow, as Gelderson will take me to Belem City (three hours drive plus ferry) to get my passport eventually stamped, to shop sandals and other things and food for the next weeks in a large size supermarket with a better choice than here in this small city.

Thanks for looking after me so well, Gelderson! Anyone out there who has a matching contact in Sao Luis, my next big city stop?

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I’ve just started following your trip again after a hiatus of several months. It’s like a “bedtime story”, better than several novels I’ve put down without finishing. I am thrilled to read about your sights along the way, meeting locals, navigation challenges, and finding campsites. I am concerned about your health issues and pray they resolve well. You and your voyage are amazing inspiration! Thank you for these frequent reports. I wish you Godspeed as you continue south.

Randall Lackey

Again thanks for all the effort you put in for us fans and followers. At least with you being online all day you’re feet are dry and hopefully healing some.Enjoy your days off.

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