Thu 23/04-2015 Day 849

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straight distance left: 50 km
Highlights: Last day in Uruguay!
Lowlights: Inaccessible passport office
Pos: here
Loc: Colonia
Acc: tent
Dist: 41,2 km
Start: 7:20 End: 16:10

No fog this morning, maybe because I was not in a small wet side river area. But it was still bloody cold.

The water was dead calm as the last days in the morning, but a moderate head wind was bothering me all day. I still made reasonable progress, enjoying once more and for the last time of this trip the unspoiled nature of the river banks. For tomorrow, I eventually decided I will cross over the Rio de la Plata from Colonia to a secret landing spot, which leaves me one last short leg to close the loop. The “official” arrival on the Fregata Sarmiento with the Navy reception, plus paddling the last short leg together with other paddlers, will be on May 1st as planned, just one week later.

I was due to get an exit stamp in the Prefectura passport office in the port of Colonia, when I was asking my paddling friends in Montevideo if there would be some person to help me, I was given the coordinates and said: “Just paddle into the port!”

Hahaha, when I arrived at the port,the fat scary ferry and another big ship was sitting in there, and besides steep walls and a concrete high staircase there was nothing visible to disembark from a kayak. Not to say this is simply not a place for small boats at all. As I have no assistance to watch my kayak and gear, I am also not happy to land somewhere besides the port and walk to the office. I checked at the yacht harbor around the corner, but strange enough there was also no inviting disembarking for small boats visible, or any clubhouse or such. Well, then this matter has to be solved at the embassy of Uruguay in Buenos Aires. Can’t help here.

I paddled a bit further into the bay to find a matching quiet camp beach, and behind some reed and under a cliff wall hidden the city and street, I found the perfect spot. Just a few dog walkers and runners, then it was quiet. I felt a bit like a hobo here. Besides,at 4.30 the scary ferry left, and at 7.15 pm, the scary ferry came back again, sounding almost like a long-time rocket launch, just much less noisy.

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2006 you competed the “Seachallenge Fyn”, a competition under the motto: 7 days, 7 stages, 300 KM – so did I. After having “done your days work”, you provided spectators and arrived competitors with a “rolling show”, just to show, that the effords of the day had not been that hard !! Later, same year, you paddled “Tour de Gudenå”.
I’ve followed your blog “on and off” and must say, that I’m deeply impressed by your performance.
Congratulations from Denmark.

Eleanor Thomas

Freya, I have loved following your journey. I have learned more about South America from your blog than I could have learned from a dozen books. Your daily dispatches will be missed, but I am overjoyed for you that you have succeeded, against huge odds. There have been some dangers and some ugliness, but mostly this trip has been a joy – joy in your spirit and strength, joy in the beauty of your stories and photographs, joy in the humanity you have encountered along the way. I am full of admiration and gratitude. My best wishes to you.

Barbara Rufenacht

It has been such a pleasure and honor to follow you for this entire trip (to say nothing of Australia). Only politics could keep you from winning that award—–you have no equal male or female! Thank you so much for your generosity in teaching us all so much about the sea, kayaking and the world. Your blog is priceless.


Sounds like a humbling experience. Freya here is some poetry for you.
A hobo among the concrete walls waiting to traverse the embassy’s boundaries.
Yet you have been one with the oceans of the world.
So you move with the ebb and flow that is presented to you one stroke at a time.
One breath in time, one tide at a time, one day and night moving in time.
Quietly she closes the gap of tomorrow.
Suspending her finish so others can join in the celebration.
A true victor arises in acknowledging all those who carried her along the way.

Freya I am so happy for you.
Compassion, awareness and wisdom


Freya, wenn Du diese Zeilen liest, wirst Du schon Dein Ziel erreicht haben.Ich gratuliere Dir recht, recht herzlich. Welch eine Leistung!! Ich hoffe, dass Du ordentlich gefeiert wirst, vielleicht mit einen argentinischen Tango?? 🙂 Toll finde ich auch, dass Deine Leistung mit dem World Paddle Award geehrt wird. Du bist einfach ” spitze “.
Schade, dass ich nicht in Buenos Aires sein kann, kann mir den Empfang, Deine Freude und mehr, richtig vorstellen. Ich hoffe, Du geniesst es.
Mir bleibt nur zu hoffen, dass Du irgendwann nach DK kommst um einen Vortrag zu halten. Würde mich freuen wenn Du auch ganz in den Norden kommst. Als ein Fan von Dir, würde ich Dich hier gerne begrüssen.
Freya, Du bist ein tolles Vorbild, Du hast es geschafft. Herzlichen und lieben Glückwunsch aus DK saludos y felicitaciones

Donald Courtney

Congratulations on a super human achievement. I hope someone throws a party for you that will be heard around the world.

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