Thu 26/02-2015 Day 793

Back to the sea across Ilha do Mel


Highlights: A half day off on the beach with good breeze and internet!
Lowlights: Paddled only a half day…
Launch: River beach
Landing: Calm beach
Pos: here
Loc: Pontal do Sul
Acc: tent
Dist: 25,4 km
Start: 6:40 End: 11:50

A good sleep, despite four blood filled mosquitoes had found their way inside my tent when I closed the outer door at night on some fresh wind. All squeezed dead now…never guess there aren’t any left at night!

I only planned to paddle back out to the sea again, so I was really looking forward to have a half day off and hopefully a nice remote campsite on a sea-smelling beach. As much as I enjoy the break and change paddling inland and as much as I hate the surf, but my element is the salt water and not rivers or lakes. But it is all about the changes!

The outgoing current was ok, despite some lower headwinds. Noting special to remark, I was just happy to land eventually on a still calm quite remote beach, to have a nice breeze and good internet on my cell phone hot spot. Not that I just lay down and read…working! But all ok. I will have a longer day tomorrow to a small river, then probably a friendly host in San Francisco do Sul where I can again paddle a day inland. Florianapolis will come also soon with a longer break. Next city then – Buenos Aires? Almost…less than 1500 km as the bird flies…


1 comment on “Thu 26/02-2015 Day 793

Randall Lackey

I figured you were just doing change for the flavor of it when I saw you were so far inland from the sea, when it wasn’t really nessecary on the route. Not at all that that is a bad thing,change and variety is often good for the trip and the soul. Take it all in when presnted if time and reason allow.Damned, I’m getting physsilocical too in my old age,ha.Safe Paddling, friend.

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