Thu 27/09-2012 Day 281

Camp behind the fishing houses at Bajo Moreno Caleta El Cobre

Pos: here
Loc: Bajo Moreno Caleta El Cobre
Acc: tent
Dist: 47,6 km
Start: 7:40 End: 16:40

Estimated landing: Caleta Bolfin
Estimated starting time: Right after sunrise
Estimated landing time: Well before sunset

We were up so early that barely any local was up to wave us good bye. I just saw one guy when we were already waiting for a lull, ready to go! No problem…

Another longish day along desert mountains, barely any different from the others. Calm seas, low swell, calm wind, later a bit blowing from behind, just helpful. I’d love to tell way more exciting stories, but this is simply not the area for it here!

We kept on watching single houses, one or two cars and few people on the beach. Before Punta Morena, there was an obviously abandoned mine to be seen, without a single soul around. But there was some very strange bright yellow sand we couldn’t figure out…Peter said if it is *gold* we need to shift our luggage a bit…

We checked one beach just a bit away from the main landing which looked nice and calm and sandy, but it turned out to be too steep and rocky for a safe landing with our heavy boats. Five young men were busy collecting sea weed there. But we had to turn back to the main corner, where as usual a few huts were sitting. Those ones looked like their inhabitants were living there quite permanently, with satellite dishes, a running generator, a kids playground and some chickens. They greeted us friendly, but were in general not very curious about us.

We camped a bit to the side, and had to put up the tent in quite some wind now! The earth is rock hard dry, when we are hammering our pegs in, they tend to get shorter and shorter…I felt like I had to go down to the beach to have a shower and change, as without my tiny fresh water rinse I simply do not  feel comfortable in my camp clothes. It also feels quite refreshing, standing wet for a moment in 20 knot cool wind! 🙂

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Take the best from a boring coastline — you’re “flying” up along it. You’re making great progress.

randall lackey

I also very much enjoyed getting to wash my hair even if it was in the fresh water river on my river trip last week.It makes one feel so much better.Glad to hear of your nice weather and good paddling days.Stay safe.

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