Tue 04/10-2011 Day 36

Roberto with his two brothers Juan Carlos and Ernesto working mutually on installing my new rudder fin!

Pos: here
Loc: Balneario El Condor
Acc: Roberto’s beach house
Dist: 0 km

Slept in a little – never get as good sleep in a strange house than outdoors in my tent. But no complaints! A house has manyh other advantages…

I found the local “Super Mercado”, and shopped the basics which were available for the next two weeks. The choice is always very limited for a spoiled European gourmet, but it feeds you! The mercado woman probably made the sale of the week of me…

The leftover stump of my rudder fin...never managed to break one so far!

Then I disassembled my broken rudder, and soon Roberto showed up with the new fin Alejandro sent via bus from Buenos Aires! Thank goodness! Fitting the whole thing into the existing pivoting stern piece was a bit of an ordeal for three local helpful handy men, but after about two hours it did it’s job without blocking too much. A bit of sanding here and there was very helpful!

Ok, the boat was set, now the look into the weather forecast …it looks not too easy to keep on going and to think about resources like food and water as well…I’m still in the decision-making process how to go on.

I could use for an hour a local basic computer in a closed hotel through a connection from Roberto’s sister Veronica, but I could do not much more than checking weather web sites and e-mails. No picture uploading, sorry! It’s not that every one has wifi here on every corner…we are not in Europe. But every one is very helpful and friendly! Much more important! Thanks a lot again to every one who is helping me on the way!

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Freya, the photo is Roberto with his two brothers, Juan Carlos in the middle, and right Ernesto, they are my cousins, ​​have all been very good rowers.
Have a good trip !

Ron Wagner

You are a continuing inspiration to me. I am 66 years old. Retired last year. Just got in the water with my kayak again a couple of days ago. Really enjoyed the cool but bright day here in central Illinois. I brag on you all the time. I am learning to kayak sail also. Maybe you should use a sail, additionally, when you get older. Love keeping up with your blog. Will be sending a small donation to help out.

Via con Deos:
Ron Wagner,
Decatur, Illinois

Thomas Hahndorf

Hallo Freya,
wir sind schon gespannt ob Sie den Golf von San Matias über die 100 km Nord-Süd-Tour direkt überqueren oder die 400 km Küstentour nehmen. Ich tippe auf die direkte Überquerung in 20 Stunden.


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