Tue 06/01-2015 Day 742

Some rivermouth fully blocked by a sand bar


Highlights: Paddled between many beautiful rocky reefs
Lowlights: First no wind, then strong headwind
Launch: Reef sheltered beach
Landing: moderate dumper
Pos: here
Loc: small river mouth
Acc: tent
Dist: 36,6 km
Start: 5:05 End: 13:00

It was a full moon night, and due to my werewolf tendency I did sleep not very well 🙂
A dead calm sea and no wind made paddling basically easy, but boring. Eventually the rocky reefs before and around Cumuruxatiba showed up, and despite low tide at 10 am I could paddle mostly inside the reefs which was quite nice. Not that I needed shelter from the dead calm sea anyway…it is just more pleasant to watch the shore and reefs close by. I touched bottom only twice 🙂

At the end of the reefs, I decided to cut across a wide bay, and was almost back to shore again when the wind developed eventually really unpleasant from the front left, getting close to 20 knots. Time to hit the shore! No way to waste energy to reach Prado today as planned. I checked my GPS, and saw a relative big looking river mouth in 2,3 km,this would be my place. As the GPS chart is never really precise, I mistook a “river” running down the sandy cliffs through a blue hose for the spot, and surely had to paddle on as the steep beach in front of the cliffs had no campsite to offer on high tide.

Camp view from one high cliff side


Eventually, what was meant as my river mouth on the chart came up, a closed bar in front of some real sweet water river in a cliff gap. I could give me a good rinse in there! Staircases led up to the cliff tops on both sides, which I surely was climbing after I made camp on quite a small obviously dry staying sandy spot. A nice view was worth the climbing effort in the wind, no one to see no where. Two fishing boats were still fighting their nets in the now quite bumpy sea, that was it.Getting close to high tide, the dumper on the beach became quite nasty with the wind pushing, hopefully it is calmer on tomorrow morning’s launch.

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Randall Lackey

Anxious to see the pictures you’re hopefully getting of this section of the coast.all in time.Glad to read your day was nice. Safe Paddling.

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