Tue 09/12-2014 Day 714

I wouldn't have minded to be in there!But I'd need a larger size ball...


Highlights: Got a good physical rest and some online work done
Lowlights: Would have liked to do more…
Loc: Gunga Beach
Acc: tent

How nice it is to sleep in, and to do rather relaxing reading at night than to fiddle with cell phone and laptop on patchy internet…
Some anglers were busy close to my tent all night, is night fishing so much better? Besides that, all quiet here on this beach.

Some fancy party boat at Gunga beach
People having fun at Gunga beach with a tow on an inflatable toy


Today, I worked on some gear chores, could charge my electronics at a beach restaurant and get some fresh water and some online work done. I had a meal there and was watching in between Brazilian beach life. All easy and relaxed, though internet could have been better. Tomorrow’s paddling day is all offshore with trashy surf beaches, gone are the times of the sheltering reefs! But I will land safely on a sheltered village hook. So will be the next days, mostly landing at river mouths.

I may need 10 or 11 days to Salvador, it would be great to have a friendly host there to relax two or three days and to get some shopping done.

Thanks for voting for me for and sharing the voting link for the World Paddling Awards!

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