Tue 16/10-2012 Day 300

Our first (probably dead...) turtle!

Pos: here
Loc: Caleta Mejillones del Norte
Acc: tent
Dist: 45,1 km
Start: 7:35 End: 16:50

Estimated landing: 50 or 55 km further north
Estimated starting time: Right after sunrise
Estimated landing time: Well before sunset

It was Monica’s birthday today, and she got up at 6 am just to send us off! Happy birthday again, Monica, and I hope you’ll have a nice day despite our horribly early wish to leave! Thanks again to both of you for hosting us so nicely.

Monica and Robert saying good buy - Happy Birthday, Monica!

We packed our kayaks on a low jetty, slid them down into the water, and were gliding slowly away from the city into the “wilderness” – we thought…just accompanied by at least 10 fishing boats heading also north.

On the way, we found a new animals on this trip – an about 50 cm long turtle floating in the water without shying away as I was used to from the Australian turtles, being over a meter long! Coming closer, the turtle had her eyes wide open, but she seemed to be dead or close to getting there…poor girl…even a few barnacles were already on her shell. I didn’t expect turtles being already around here? there are still penguins around…

Huts at Caleta Mejillones del Norte

We were hoping to have our planned landing spot to ourselves with this caleta having no obvious road access, but not in South America…every little at least boat accessible spot has at least a hut, and this spot had even a small whole village! Despite there being no road access (I think…), there were about 50 people living here in about 20 shelters or huts or cheap tents – it never rains here, so why building more solid than necessary? Even a whole couch was standing outside a cave-like shelter with tarps…and many, many garbage piles, more or less burnt cans and bottles…we were camping on a garbage ash field.

Camp on the many garbage piles at the landing bay at Caleta Mejillones del Norte

Around 8 pm, they started at least three generators in each corner of the tarp village…f……noise…is there no sheltered landing with a bit of privacy and peace??? But they were all friendly people, they even offered us a bit of barbecue meat! But sorry, we already had dinner…

One very cozy home at Caleta Mejillones del Norte


4 comments on “Tue 16/10-2012 Day 300

Chuck H.

Google Translate is a wonderful (if very imperfect) thing, Edda! Makes us ignorant English (and Norwegian) only people look like we actually know what we’re reading.

Robert Knopel

Dear Freya
Thanks for your words. For us was also a pleasure to have you and Peter here. In the future-future I will tell my ,actually missed grandchild’s – nur weil meine Kinder ein wenig faul sind , that I have meet persons, as you, which are converting high level dreams in reality with love and a lot of power. You are, and will be always, an example for the teenagers and for many many people.
For you information I have receive many phone calls from the local navy station asking where you are. They are happy when I read them your position form the blog.
I wish you a nice navigation today and a better calm beach.
Warm regards
Monica and Robert

Randall Lackey

Never any peace and quite when you think you’d like to have it. At least the village people were friendly to offer you some dinner.Peace and privacy will come soon and you’ll be looking for civilization to remind you we”re all still here,ha.Have a great day tommorow. Safe paddling.

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