Tue 22/01-2013 Day 371

"Special Agent" Mario on my disastrous launching beach - it looks so easy!

Pos: here
Loc: before Montanita
Acc: tent
Dist: 48,5 km
Start: 6:25 End: 17:00

Estimated landing: Machalilla

I slept well, watched by the guard on the bridge who’s duty was to take care that no unwanted ship was landing here. I cut across the bay on dead calm water and almost no wind, just by myself, no escort boat today. Boring, but in freedom and peace.
The water temperatures were a bit lower now out of the bay of Guayaquil, maybe around 25 degrees. Still nice and warm, but also a bit refreshing when I make my shirt wet.

I noticed that since the bay of Paita with those fat sea bears I have not seen any seal or dolphin or whale or penguin any more, don’t they like warmer water? I was sure the penguins would stop now to show up, but no dolphins? Actually quite boring also. It’s all about endurance now…at least tomorrow I’ll paddle closer to the coast again.

I was estimating to reach Manta in three days from Salinas, but it will be four days. The wind doesn’t help, and in the late afternoon it felt even like headwind again. So just about 50 km is enough until 5 pm. And it’s more than 120 km left to Manta.

The wide sandy beach between the two villages I am camping on looked bare of people before I was landing, but later now there is quite some promenading of people up and down – almost only European looking young people in Hippy style. Seems to be a popular holiday spot here…
The dress code is rasta hair, back pack, and the girls with (almost) bare ass in a string tanga. Well…I enjoy the view. I assume those backsides will be shown off more often coming to the Caribbean and Brazil…

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The escorts are a bit boring but so good to see they are into making sure you are safe. No-one doubts ability to kayak this, it’s just the human element which can be a problem. Good for you to accept the help so you can complete this amazing world first. (I’m with you Jorg… some pics please)


For bonus trivial pursuit points, in the classic film Dark Passage, Humphrey Bogart escapes to the Bay of Paita and meets Lauren Bacall at a beachside cafe, presumably without tangas.

Don Frampton

Less than 2 degrees latitude until you cross the Equator in a boat for the first time. Maybe the Ecuadoran Navy can initiate you with a line-crossing ceremony 🙂

Randall Lackey

Sounds like you had a nice day.Its hard not to enjoy the veiw; for sure for me.Another part of my love of the beach.Enjoy and stay safe. Randall


LOL. That is pretty funny! the beauty of the human form. it will be interesting to see when the dolphins appear. Perhaps they will be a different species.

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