Tue 25/11-2014 Day 700

Marcos Jagatá, owner of the very beautiful Pousada Jagatá in Tutoia, was very helpful. Thanks!


Highlights: Got great help on the pousada Jagatá
Lowlights: Had to stop already in Tutoia
Launch: River bank
Landing: Calm beach
Pos: here
Loc: Tutoia
Acc: Sandra´s apartment
Dist: 18,1 km
Start: 4:50 End: 8:55

I had a good peaceful sleep after my high tide worry. When I was launching in the morning, I still had to paddle for two hours against the tidal current in the channels between the islands here, despite the wind from behind I made not more than 3-4 km hr. But I had worse paddling times! I kept close to the side of the channel, enjoyed the peaceful feeling and was wondering about the forecast for today, up to 27 knots…

My trustworthy Sao Luiz contact Jadiel had organized a transport for today from Paulino Neves, so I had to get there today. When I was crossing over to Tutoia, the paddle got already blown out of my hand, still in relative sheltered water. Tutuoias beaches were lurking, and I decided to call it here and on the spot a day with this windy section. I should not stress the logistics of my friendly helpers too much by shifting their schedule around, and honestly I rather finished this windy section here peacefully in the shelter of the islands than ¨paddling¨ or better walking and dragging along another short open beach stretch like yesterday to reach the next river mouth. Finish for now! Thank goodness I made it safe not getting trashed too much! Still later on washing my kayak I noticed my whole front bulkhead  eventually got lose…I´d have to repair it in Recife.

The large shipwreck in Tutoia on low tide


I was greeted curiously and friendly by the locals, and they organized a shower in the nearby Pousada Jagatá. Marcos Jagatá was very friendly and helpful, as my phone wasn’t working here on Vivo or Claro. I got internet access, and could now read an email where Jadiel told me  unfortunately he wouldn’t be able to come himself as promised, but had organized a different driver for me instead. Many thanks!

With the communication help of Marcos, I opted for the public bus transport to Sao Luiz, and would leave my kayak behind here in the pousada, to pick it up on the way back to Recife going via Fortaleza to pick my hopefully by then repaired laptop. Thanks a lot to Marcos to help me in this way!

Thank goodness the bus was a highly modern airconditioned coach, feeling almost like a plane. I had a friendly English speaking girl from Rio de Janeiro sitting besides me, but still I had to sleep most of the times so as not to get sea sick on the long 9 hrs drive.

Jadiel eventually picked me up at the central bus station at 11 pm, and for the fifth time on this trip I arrived back in my ¨home¨ in Sandra and Jadiel’s apartment. Thanks a lot to Jadiel and Sandra to give me a home and help on this eventually logistically complicated trip in this corner!


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Randall Lackey

Glad to read the terrible paddling on this leg of your trip is over.Hope all the travel plans will come together.Rest well


So many complications on this section! I hope you get your laptop back in top condition, at least. Keep paddling, this section will end…I hope you soon find calm water and gentle breezes.

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