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Dear Freya,
I just finished reading the book Fearless & now I’m hooked I’m a fellow German speaking world traveler who started exploring the world solo at age 15 hitchhiking form my small home town in southern Austria to 13 countries and ending up in the Atlas mountains of Marocco on my first outing, my parents freaked out when I told them where I ended up. Anyway I have been a restless soul ever since and have been on the move for 30 years now. When I read your comment about telling another german speaking person that you don’t speak german when traveling I was laughing out loud because its the exact same thing I have been telling people for decades when I encounter other german speakers in remote locations.
Anyway I have been based in California for 18 years but will hit the road again in 2 weeks usually traveling 9 month out of the year.
Love what you do, knowing that there are other people out there who dance to their own tune enforces my independent spirit and lifestyle and inspires me to keep going on my own terms.

Ciao bella, paddle on you are an inspiration to all independent thinking solo travelers.
PS I’m 45 now and its funny to me that after 30 years on the road I still have to tell people to fuck off when they try to tell me I should settle down.

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