Sat 26/04-2014 Day 667

Some ugly concrete pieces in the wide surf belt


No paddling today despite reasonable wind…
Pos: here
Loc: behind Ponta dos Mangues Verdes
Acc: tent

Some ugly diarrhea was making me even more weak than I already was, plus being mentally fully burnt out made me decide to take my long home break NOW. I will even have to paddle back tomorrow to reach a reasonable pick up city spot at Humberto de Campo…I will be back on the trip in a few months!


The rainwater pools io the backside of the wide beach


It was a horrible day, knowing the wind forecast was at the lowest. The reality turned out to be eventually not *that* low, but all is relative and this may be as good as it can get here. I felt really weak, pooping six times at night, and on Friday already maybe 4-5 times. I was eating normally, but everything went right through…I assume some glas of pesto tasted a bit strange which may have caused it. If it would have been from the antibiotics I am taking it may have come earlier already. But all together turnes the resistance down…

I was mostly in my tent this day, half asleep, half reading, barely out to walk around. One motorbike guy came past, and a lonely hiker with backpack and hiking pole, probably making his way from the last village to another. The motor biker needed to stop and honked noisily until I stuck my head out…curious guy…

At night I finalized my decision to stop the trip by calling my son and posting the first lines of this entry via sat phone. It was not an easy decision, and I was discussing it long with my partner Peter, but I really need a longer break NOW, despite the now good tide and still for a few weeks reasonable weather, and my still available visa time. But basically it is strong headwind at least all afternoon…I will be back! Strong and newly motivated!

How I´d love to paddle from here to Natal around this eastern windy corner in the other direction…but is that then still a proper ¨circumnavigation¨???

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Frances Price

Hey, we can read back over your previous posts until you get back on the water, Freya. In the meantime, please allow your mind and body time to completely heal and regain your strength for this difficult undertaking, so you can return in top form. Happy 50th to you!


When a venture has lost all its joy, it’s time to take a break. I follow your posts every day, Freya, and often think about you. I look forward to your return to South America, rested and recovered both physically and mentally.

Jens Kruse

Hallo Freya!
Auch mit dieser Entscheidung bist Du ein Vorbild für viele! Respekt!
Gute Erholung und guten Heimflug. Vielleicht sehen wir uns ja diesen Sommer ‘mal an der Westküste.
Gruß aus Kiel,

Hallo Freya,

eine weise Entscheidung, eine Pause zu machen. Haben die vergangenen Wochen in Deinem Blog verfolgt: bewundernswert, was Du geschafft und durchgestanden hast. Erhol Dich gut. Du wirst es schaffen!!!

Randall Lackey

You’ll be much missed but you need this rest time very much. We’ve seen it coming for some time with the hell you’ve been through.Rest well dear lady.anxiously look forward to seeing your post and continuation of your trip,healthy and anxious to carry on,not dreading it.Safe travels home.


It is extremely important to listen to your body/mind. You have been screaming out for a rest for awhile. Now is the time.
Your body is your not only your vehicle but your temple. May you find rest, peace and rejuvenation while in Germany. Please take time to heal.
I hope those close to you will encourage you to slow down.
The world, universe, elements and god are a humbling place of which we are not separate.
Hey on the bright side you will be with those you love and those who love you on your 50th birthday!

Barbara Rufenacht

Excellent Decision!!!!! I have followed you religiously from Australia to here and, in my humble opinion, these last few months have bordered on hell. You are essentially super human but you must respect your body and it is pleading for rest and rehabilitation. You WILL be back. It is not a race but a goal worth reaching albeit in one healthy piece. Hugs and Best Wishes


Take a long rest time in Germany. Keep us informed about your health conditions. We will be’ waiting your return for the last section of this trip.


Freya die Entscheidung ist wohl richtig. Keiner kennt Dich besser als Du Dich selber. Du hast jetzt monatelang geackert und hast eine Auszeit verdient. Dein Körper braucht Ruhe.
Es ist doch auch viel schöner Deinen Geburtstag bei Deinen Lieben zu verbringen. Alles alles Gute Freya, ich kann es nicht oft genug sagen, Du bist ein Vorbild für alle.

Edda Post author

you know your body and mind best. There’s no point in killing yourself over this trip. It’s meant to be enjoyable (well, mostly).
Nice to see you over here soon again. xxx


Be Safe Freya! Hang in there, get some rest and plenty of hydrating fluids…Keep us posted!

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