no paddling today!

Lovely rock pool behind the fat surf

After checking the facts, we decided not to paddle today. It is quite high swell as fore casted, up to 3,70 m, and we have to paddle 50 km along a rocky coast with no safe landing options besides Caleta Cifuncho. The coast line is over hanging to north west (in relation th the south west swell), which usually means a built up swell until the headland corner, plus the reflecting waves from the cliffs. It is also a bit of head wind, though very low.

All in all it would be possible, but distance, swell, coastline form and direction plus wind makes it not comfortable, if not marginal to reach in day light.

So we’ll stay put until tomorrow and will enjoy our first *real* day off with not many chores and quite off any people here besides the gauchos a bit further south!

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randall lackey

I’m back from my week long river trip and have just finished reading your last weeks postings.It sounds as though you’ve had a bit of a trying week with the lack of good nights sleep for four days.I too was faced with having a hard time most nights finding good campsites due to river banks being too high or badly overgrown with heavy vegetation.It was often very near dark before I’d find a spot that I could get my kayak ashore and set up the tent.But such is the river.At least I don’t have to fear hitting the rocks coming in.I very much enjoyed reading of your week.Safe Paddling.Hope the water and weather are in your favor tommorow.

Edda Post author

Lay up and rest, may as well make the best of a bad swell day. After all is is not a race. Have a good night with no noises. Any noise annoys an oyster but a noisy noise annoys an oyster most 🙂

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