Wed 02/04-2014 Day 643



Easy wide channel to a small beach before fully dry
Pos: here
Loc: Baia Chuna
Acc: tent
Dist: 32,8 km
Start: 6:20 End: 11:30

I was eventually fully alone in those beach huts, bar a herd of maybe twenty cows making strange noises everywhere all night. I actually feel better in a populated village, despite maybe “civilization” noise. But all good, I could drag my kayak off the platform and down to the water this morning alone, two hours before high tide.

I found the large wide channel marked on my paper map with not too many checks and detours, despite it was missing completely on my GPS chart. If I’d only have proper map material…so I am still asking any fisherman passing by in reasonable distance if I am on the right way. This wide channel had many single huts on stilts, but no people, only at the beginning and end. My instinct and general GPS direction have to tell me the way – and the strong current in either direction.

I was asking again for the way before aiming to cross over to the village of Chuna and the next channel entrance, the fishermen pointed as usual somehow the general direction. It was 3 hrs after high tide, and I decided to not dare to cross theses maybe 5 km to avoid getting stuck. It is a tide difference of 4m now, and the water comes and goes rushing fast, leaving just sandy banks in the bay with maybe strong current channels, maybe not, and you have to find them.

I made camp on a small beach with some mud to pass on mid tide, but all within reasonable limit. Not 100% sure if this stays dry, then I may have
to jump into my kayak…

Just got a visit from thre fishermen, they acted a bit too curious even wanting to open my tent to have a look. No way…I distracted them and charmed them away. Hope they stay around the corner in their hut…

The sweat is pouring down as usual, how I hate this feeling. My rash and a few infectious spots on legs and toes are not really getting better in this climate. But first there is no city with an airconditioned rooms around here, and second as I can now paddle only around high tide, I will have to use the ideal tide times now as best as possible until reaching Sao Luis.


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Randall Lackey

We sure miss your full daily updates, but are glad to hear from you how we can,and to know you are safe. Safe Paddling.Your friend,Randall

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