Thu 03/04-2014 Day 644

High and dry and mine alone!


Paddled the channel with a bugnet…
Pos: here
Loc: Ilha Itacupim north
Acc: tent in palm hut
Dist: 32,5 km
Start: 6:05 End: 12:05

I felt a slight bit uncomfortable on this spot, as those fishermen had been too curious for my gut feeling. But no one came back, thank goodness.

It was to find another channel, this entrance was hidden behind a large island, to cross another bay, and then to decide again where to go. And again I fortunately could ask many fishermen. I even filled up two waterbags on a larger boat. Good they are mostly around, and good I am a woman… Also this channel had a very narrow passage where I already was in doubt if I was right. Many bugs of all kinds made me paddle eventually with my head net on. No other boats in the middle, but tree cutting sign that this channel is used and I am right. I would hate to have to turn around once more…

After many turns more boats were in sight, and I had now to decide where to go once in this next bay. It was almost two hours after high tide, so trying to paddle around the north end of the long Ilha Itacupim may make me short of water at some point. If I’d go inside the bay to paddle around the southern end where also a village named Macupim was located I would have to paddle all the time against the current.

I tried for about an hour the latter option, but with 2-3 km/h maximum I didn’t really feel happy. I spotted a beach at the north end of the island I had to round and decided to change direction and to cross over and to wait for the next morning’s running up tide, stopping unfortunately again early. But the other two options were not really reasonable either.

I asked three fishermen working in front of the beach if I could use the hut on the beach, yes, no problem. The hut was large and quite open and didn’t contain many private things, so chances were low that other people would also like to stay this night here. Still I put my tent up in a corner of the platform leaving options to hang hammocks, just in case…but surely I’d rather stay alone here! Broke again through one of those floor logs and scratched my skin badly… I will learn how to walk in those huts!

My skin is thankful for paddling six hours per day only around high tide, but I’d love to make more progress! Without my ebook I’d get crazy in those long times off…it’s pouring rain again. How I’d enjoy being dry, even well dry under the palm tree roof! Aiming for Carutapera tomorrow, a larger city. Hope to get a proper shower there, but don’t dare to take a rest day yet as the tide is just nice!


4 comments on “Thu 03/04-2014 Day 644

PeterUnold Post author

Hi all, everything is alright with Freya. She’s tired and worn out but still in good spirit. Had a long chat with her tonight.

Have a nice weekend! Peter

Randall Lackey

I know you’re doing the best you can from day to day. Hang in there gal. Be patient Karen, as hard as it is. She can’t respond back to you, only Peter can, I learned, several post back, to much dismay, but it is what it is.Safe Paddling

Don Frampton

Hang in there Freya. The bad times won’t last. You are making progress. Go for the small victories. One bay, one point one beach, one day at a time. Things will get better.

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