Thu 10/04-2014 Day 651



Fortunately stuck anywhere on low tide
Pos: here
Loc: Rio Macuripana
Acc: tent
Dist: 48 km
Start: 7:10 End: 16:55

I was full of new energy after a whole day off, temperatures on the beach were acceptable. Some small skin healing progress, but not much. I had to drag my gear to the sea side of the sand spit, about 300 m. Unfortunately the promised help of the couple in the next beach hut didn’t come, maybe because it was still raining. But I can make it by myself, the low wind with this light rain was no reason to stay another day!

The crossing of this wider 20 km bay was easy with GPS in the bad visibility, few sand banks to negotiate. I found the entrance to the next lump of islands after paddling along a long sand bank, and headed to the points Peter gave me to cross the maze of the next wide island channels. The map and chart are both useless here…I was lucky to not get stuck anywhere in low tide around lunchtime, could make good headway across the next bay and entered the wide entrance of Rio Macuripana.

I knew now I’d have to find a marked village some way further down or one of the fishing huts, as beaches were few and far between in a large river like this…but there was one! Just in time! It had a white sandy dry top, and in some areas also sand displayed on the tide being almost half. But it was a fake, treacherous displayed sand…on walking on it, especially with a heavy gear bag, I was sinking to the calves into yucky mud until I reached the solid white top. Well…I made it up with bags and kayaks, put up my tent on a solid sandy white spot just next to a yucky stinky mangrove swamp. Hurry up with shower, the bugs will come! It was raining on changing anyway…

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