Mon 14/04-2014 Day 655

What the heck do the cows find down there on the sand?


Only one more day to Sao Luis! Some aircondition break for my skin, yeah!
Pos: here
Loc: Before Farol Pirajuba
Acc: tent
Dist: 33,1 km
Start:5 :40 End: 12:20

I am actually quite sick of those long afternoons without paddling, but to split this distance to Sao Luis coming out of the channels and being now back at the open sea into two days only would not really have worked either, due to the two big bay crossings. Good to relax, as my energy level is low anyway before I am stuck in an airconditioned room for some days.

To reach the first big bay crossing, I had to paddle through quite some tidal wave movements, up and down, but few breakers. Still not too friendly, sometimes it was pushing, sometimes slowing me down. Why? No idea…

Eventually to sea got calmer, and I had to cross the path of an armada of fishing boats heading out from Guimares to fish in the full moon days. They were probably all quite wondering what I was doing here, where I came from and where I was aiming to…well, basically for calm water! It got a bit rough again crossing the main river outflow, then better.

I was heading now not to dunes only, but the coast was nicely mixed with red high cliffs. Still enough calm looking beaches to land – on low tide. A big pile of rocks was a new sight after I saw the last rocks in Cayenne! I originally wanted to paddle into a larger river mouth for the night, just after the light house, but decided to land on an open beach again just before. Easy on low tide, but I already noticed this beach was a slight bit steeper and had a slight bit more of a dumper, though shorter also. On high tide later, the surf became quite rough…see how I can get out tomorrow.

But today after making camp I decided to have a swim with hairwash. I carried enough from that rainwater yesterday to rinse my hair and body after the soak in the sea. Even on the swim the surf felt much harder than yesterday’s long wide low rolling belt. The beach also had some small rocks at the end, and I had to camp on a higher dune ledge. See how the beach will change after Sao Luis!

The obligatory lonely fisherman and a cowherd were passing by, nothing exciting. I was watching the surf developing, not sure how and when I will go out tomorrow.


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I just got back from the East Coast Paddlesports and Outdoor Festival. We talked about you often while there. You are in our heart and thoughts. I hope you can teach at this event when the South America circumnavigation is finished.


Hi We are waiting for you from noon arrival. Remember that high tide is 06:30 am and 19:10 pm. When you arrive look for the references given in the GPS. Jadiel Ribeiro and Jammes Fagner

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