Day 38, more later

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Andrés Koch

Creo que es la primera vez que se realiza este cruce en kayak. Puede alguien de Argentina confirmar esto? Impresionante!!!!!


Estancia is ranch or estate … could be sheep or cattle. Some are huge … 10000 hectares not unusual.

Meike Michalik

Toll. Wie machst du das nur? Hast eine Bärenenergie!!! 🙂 Wünsche Dir weiter ein gutes Weiterkommen, super Wetter und wenig Wind.
Bist einfach Klasse, mach weiter so

Don Hebel

I hate to say this, but better you than me. Huge seas and tidal races! And what a distance! You be careful, little German girl.

Jörg Hofferbert

The next golf is the golf of san jorge and much greater than the golf san matias. I´m sure, freya you are crossing this too. But always be carefull.



Well done, big effort. That must have been an exiting ride. hope you get your laptop into working order soon! Take a rest, now, you deserve it.

Thomas Hahndorf

Wow, Freya Shakti! You are THE WOMAN, the supergirl! This was your Gulf of Carpenteria in South America! Amazing!

Estancia could be estate, cattle ranch, small farm. I enjoy Google Earth and sometimes view the shoreline of Freya’s progress as closely as I can get to it. There is not much out there on the peninsula Valdes.


Amazing. Can someone confirm for us non spanish speakers, is an estancia like a cattle ranch?

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