No launching possible yet tonight…

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Udo Beier

Oh, Freya,
what are you doing there at the end of the world?!
Wait and see!
Every wind will calm down once a week, and every sea will get smooth, though only of some hours. Wait for the 10.000th wave, which will be not break, but pay attento for the 10.001th wave!
Wait for your chance and “enjoy” the days (and nights) on the most dangerous bight of the most horrible island of South America.
You will never forget those days. And we will never forget you.
Best wishes from Hamburg: Udo, who spent the last night together with Christa & Hans-Joerg, who met you at the 9th of November alongside the coast on your way down to Cap Horn.


Good Morning Freya, Happy New year to you. I only know you from your blog and that says that you are well capable to do this journey. You may be alone on the island but you know that there are so many that are concerned for you and want you to make a successful trip. I’m sure you will choose the right moment to move wisely’


Feliz Año Nuevo, no te impacientes, el mar te dará una oprtunidad para navegar el Cabo, Buena Suerte

ale medl

Pls be carefull, you are under pressure. You are not enyoing this part. pls stay calm. The sea can gives you a second chance. pls take care.
Ale Medl

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