Thu 01/12-2011 Day 94

Mariela and Horatio, my very nice Rio Gallegos hosts. Thanks very much!

Pos: here
Loc: Rio Gallegos
Acc: Horatio and Mariela’s house
Dist: 0 km

The second “day in the city”, and the third day off in a row 🙁

Jobs today were food shopping, food packing and a newspaper interview, plus more online work. Not much else to tell. No exciting adventures in the city, sorry!

The fore cast is looking good for the next three and maybe a half days, so I’ll aim to paddle two times 60 km until Punta Dungeness, to hopefully cross the third day of good weather over to Tierra del Fuego. Then we’ll see…basically it would be 3 or more paddling days after the crossing to reach Rio Grande! But there will be a bit of wind coming again…no doubt…but at least the tide level goes slowly but sure down now, from 12 meters here to “only” nine meters in Rio Grande, and getting less by the day until I’m heading into the Beagle channel with less than two meters again…thank goodness!

High tide is tomorrow just before 4 am, and to get flooded out of the river with the tide, José Jaramillo was so nice to agree to drive me to the river launching spot in the citiy tomorrow 4.30 am…yawn! Thanks a lot, José! But at least the next days I can launch and land with high tide – NO MORE DRAGGING my kayak!!! Yes!