Wed 07/11-2012 Day 322

The sea went high at Punta Negra before Puerto Caballas on our two days off!

Pos: here
Loc: Caleta Nazca Puerto Caballas
Acc: tent
Dist: 0 km

Estimated landing: Punta Lomitas, but not sure yet if we’ll go tomorrow or wait until Friday with the swell even more down
Estimated starting time: Right after sunrise
Estimated landing time: Well before sunset

A look out of the tent this morning showed a sea which had very much been rising during the night – there would be no safe way out through this surf! Looooong heavy rollers breaking onto the beach, and even if you’d be so lucky not to get trashed by a just breaking one, the foam area would be so violent it would wash you back to the beach – and probably not upright or straight. Karel’s update said up to 3,60 m of seas, and it very much is that, if not more…

An impressive splash on an impressive arch

We were walking in the late afternoon out to Punta Nazca, where we had a beautiful show of nature’s force breaking on the rugged cliffs, spraying up over maybe 20 meters high. The point had many beautiful arches and some crevasses where the water washed to the inside beach, it was mighty and rough and impressive! Luckily we were safe and dry and all in one piece after our landing on the edge of the rising swell…


The walk took us also through the small village, where we saw a bunch of guys busy with sea weed collecting on the wide long beach.It is a relatively easy job here, the night’s high water washes the weed ashore, and they just have to collect it and bringing it to the drying area – with one pick up truck and five motor bikes! The houses were not really in the best shape, either half constructed or half or fully broken down – to our eyes. Still it seems like, at least temporarily, maybe about 15 guys are living here.

The sea went high at Punta Negra before Puerto Caballas on our two days off!

As we may have to stay also tomorrow, we were asking if there would be fresh water available for sale, and luckily we could get 12 liters of tank water, which smelled well like chlorine, but would probably be good for drinking. The guy didn’t want money, but as we know how short drinkable water is here, we gave him some Sol. All water needs to be brought in in big canisters, we don’t think a water tank truck comes down here…

The sea went high at Punta Negra before Puerto Caballas on our two days off!

During lunch time, it was quite hot in the tent, but as the wind was up to 20 knots today – up on the cliffs even stronger – it was bearable in the draft. If only my e-book reader wouldn’t be broken again :-((, Peter’s is still ok.

We’ll see what the forecast says for tomorrow morning – it will be going down again – but down enough to get out there and to risk another one of those unsafe landing spots? Friday will be probably all right. We’ll see tomorrow morning…

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Jörg Hofferbert

Sometimes those inhabitants give away their last cattle. Ever depend the poverty, ever depend the cordiality.

Randall Lackey

Decide for Safety, I know you will. enjoy your second off day, if you’re forced to take it.
Safe Paddling.


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