Wed 12/02-2014 Day 594

My reception at the office of Sonia Francius, the Minister of Sports in Cayenne


Kayak check up, shopping…

Pos: here
Loc: Cayenne
Acc: Eric’s and Christina’s house

Again the same old city business…small kayak repairs and check up on the rudder cables, changing them *before* they break. I got a reception by the Lady Minister of Sports, went shopping for food and did online work. One more preparation day…

3 comments on “Wed 12/02-2014 Day 594

Hola Freya,
Soy Eduardo, el kayakista que conociste en la Marina de Puerto Cabello. Me alegra mucho que estes bien ya en Guyana francesa. Un abrazo grande, todo el viento y el oleaje a favor.

Randall Lackey

Glad to see, though I know you always do, taking care of your Kayak.Wow,Lady Minister of sports.Thats new to me.Enjoy your last day off.

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