Wed 14/09-2011 Day 16

Christ figure on the harbor exit of Mar del Plata - from the back...

Pos: here
Loc: Monte Angela behind Miramar
Acc: tent
Dist: 55 km
Start: 7:45 End: 17:30

Perfect paddling day! Well, besides only 5 hrs of sleep each two last nights…

Starting from Mar del Plata

Yesterday was so busy I was barely able at night to write my update, and tonight I had to do a nap before eating and typing…but it was so nice on the water after a rest day!

Now - that's a surf to overcome! 🙂

Following winds of 15-20 kn whipped up the sea to lovely surfing waves (if I’d not have that heavy boat…), but occasionally I got lifted for a surf even without much effort of accelerating.

Departing from Mar del Plata in the early morning sun

Right behind the big city beaches of Mar del Plata the sea changed to crystal clear green in a wide bay.
I paddled offshore in a direct line, and saw already plenty of small penguins! I watched six fat monster seals feeding themselves behind a fisher boat, together with hundreds of sea gulls. No wonder they are so fat, if they are getting food that easy…
They lovely surfed the waves behind the boat, and when they spotted me, they performed some formation swims! I took some video..

Next marine mammal was my very first whale on this trip! Just less than 20 meters upfront my bow, he surfaced, spouted a couple of times, and showed his full barnacled (hump)back once until he dived down again and was gone! Beautiful…hope to see plenty more…

Water color changed again in between to a bit brownish when I paddled closer to the mud cliffs, but I barely could get off the water on such beautiful conditions! It decided to call it a day a few km behind Miramar, another ugly holiday town with plenty of high rise buildings. I need my beauty sleep…and performed quite a surf landing with not getting wet, but after a quick exit my cockpit had to get flooded…oh well…the beach is quite steep here.

After my pre-night nap and having eaten a bowl of delicious chicken flavored rice with cashew nuts, I heard the first shot in the dunes…somehow far away, but still eerie…and about five more…next was a late beach car driving past my tent, and as I was camping right on the local beach highway, I was a bit scared about being run over in the darkness…but on the way back the guy seemed to see the obstacle as well. Hope they’ll stay away…

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Got anything glow in the dark you can put on the tent, fluorescent road workers jacket you can hang up on a “flagpole” paddle?
Glad you had a good day after the slog.

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