Wed 14/11-2012 Day 329

...and again a million bird show for 15 minutes!

Pos: here
Loc: Puerto Viejo
Acc: tent
Dist: 59 km
Start: 5:15 End: 17:50

Landing: Playa Blanca (Playa Sur at Punta Hermosa) around 4 pm – then we have 3 days off in Lima!

…and I will update the last two days tomorrow…too tired again tonight!


We were up early in darkness as usual, and had an easy launch down the gravel on first light. The corner break was no problem this morning, and we headed out on just another 55+ km day with very sore bodies actually crying for a rest day…

But paddling soon felt ok again, and wind and swell seemed to be down.

From now on, we were passing one fancy bay area after the other, with (holiday) houses of the finest! Lima is close…and it seems there are enough people to be able to afford such place to live or for holiday purposes only. It was actually very beautiful!

The big Asia island gave good shelter, and the surf looked landable in most areas. At a lunch break, we read an email from our Lima contact Marco he changed our arrival spot for tomorrow being a bit closer, which would leave for tomorrow’s paddling day only 30 km – very welcome!!! Still we were thinking maybe we can land also today somewhere 10 km earlier, and not to head to Puerto Viejo 55+ km as planned, making tomorrow’s paddle still short enough to land as planned at 4 pm.

Just a colorful fishing boat

A bunch of beaches were looking inviting, but they were all to early…and when it really came close to the wanted distance, there was nothing really safe on offer to land 🙁

So our sore bodies made another solid 59 km around the shelter islands of Puerto Viejo, and the landing was through small surf on to a shallow beach. There were some cross waves coming from around the island shelter, and we decided to land just before one current hit the other.

I went in fist, but either underestimated the small surf as usual, or the cross waves were still too close – anyway, I had to high brace on a low breaker which should really be no big deal fo such an experienced person like me :-)) – still I managed to capsize in the shallows…jajaja!!!

I rolled up all right, and paddled in a bit embarrassed…no spectators besides Peter waiting off shore – now our roll balance on landing is equal again 2 : 2, as he made it in with no problems as to be expected. Well! At least the water was reasonable warm…still we made quickly camp and I got to dry my hair as good as possible, which is the biggest problem for me after a roll to stay warm!

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If you should need a great guide in Lima call Manuel Pacheco in Miraflores: 997393562
He was our translator while traveling to Pisac and in Lima. He speaks great English and is a surf instructor there. Have a good rest and congratulations! Muy cansado?


Klasse! Ihr habt die Pause in Lima mehr wie verdient. Erholt Euch und geniesst es obwohl ich ja weiss, dass die Tage an Land viel Arbeit sind. Der Einkauf, die Wäsche etc. alles muss erledigt werden. Aber ich hoffe, dass trotz der vielen Arbeit ein paar schöne Ruhestunden auf Euch warten.
Liebe Grüsse von hier, kærlige hilsen

Jörg Hofferbert

Have a good time in Lima and a good recovery. I think your pic-album become an update too, but this is only my wish. Thanks for all your really hard work.

Randall Lackey

Hyate that youve had such rough days lately.Rest up and I look forward to the update.Rest well

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