Wed 19/09-2012 Day 273

Always again a pleasure!

Pos: here
Loc: Caleta Obispo
Acc: tent
Dist: 43,6 km
Start: 8:15 End: 16:05

Estimated landing: Chanaral
Estimated starting time: Right after sunrise
Estimated landing time: Well before sunset

The third night with loudest noisy music…this time even a bit louder and until well after 5 am…please, never again Caldera! Ok, maybe only on this long holiday weekend?? I really can’t imagine the neighbors can stand this every day…we at least are fully knackered and tortured from those nights in the Yacht Club. It could have been so nice…friendly people, beautiful location…

At least the weather was this morning already fully sunny and mild, that we started paddling in shirts already! All gear in shape, dry and clean…good feeling…and it was so nice to back at the sea today!

It was in the morning quite some big swell, but smooth going in the low following wind. We made great speed, and despite the lack of sleep our bodies felt strong after two days of no paddling.

After a headland, there was some mining place with a landing jetty. Right after it, we saw three black and yellow buoys warning about something, and telling us to go south out to sea. Surely we saw the breaking reefs, one spot outside, and two inside, but the gap in between looked clean…so why making the detour out to sea…? If in doubt, stay out…we were not in doubt and went through, still it was quite scary being in that gap right when the biggest swell came in…I saw a glance of white rocks under me, which is always high time to be gone from that spot in those conditions…luckily, it didn’t additionally break just where we were paddling though. But – “If in doubt, stay out!!!”

It breezed up during the day that we rather put on our anoraks, and soon the swell went down. All good!

We were so much hoping to have the landing around Punta Obispo just for ourselves, but it was still a holiday and four cars with families were enjoying a bit of coastal beach life on this sunny afternoon. Who can blame them…well, just me, as one car was playing loud music! Not again such a night!!!Thank goodness the holidays are over today and they were gone soon.

But not before the man took an about 10 min snorkel swim with just a swim trunk on…Peter was also keen for a dip in the sunshine, but he only *dipped* about one second…! Look, my darling…other men…but when the other man came out of the water I decided I rather go with *my* man than with this well fatty walrus…the sea may have now about 12 degrees…

There was only one car with quite local guys left collecting see weed. It seems like they are also tired from the day and hopefully will not have a noisy party tonight…sleep, quality sleep is just what we need!!!

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Jörg Hofferbert

Sleep well in your bedgestell 🙂 What´s about the ear-plugs, against the loudness and of course against bigger waves ? You forget them really ?!

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