Wed 21/11-2012 Day 336

This old submarine is displayed inside the yacht harbor of Lima

Pos: here
Loc: Yacht Club Lima
Acc: tent
Dist: 53,4 km
Start: 6:40 End: 16:45

Estimated landing: Chancay
Estimated starting time: Right after sunrise
Estimated landing time: Well before sunset

All feeling well again! We got a lift at 5 am from our hotel with the THULE guys, and could launch from the steep Playa Senoritas despite the heavy loaded boats quite easy. The surf was up high, but the exit out of the beach was just about break free.

People can visit the old submarine

We felt our heavy boats and the five days rest, which are just about too much to stay in shape. Three days off is ideal to rest, but not to get lazy
and fat again… 🙂

We were aiming in a direct line for the first headland before Bahia Miraflores, and had to learn how the sewage was discarded in Lima…just let it run out into the sea…we had no chance but to paddle for over hour through a liquid soup of urine and soap, a really milky stinky sewage water, decorated with lumps of shit and condoms. all what goes down the toilet and sinks…thanks we didn’t encounter that corner on our “official” arrival into Lima.

I was looking forward to a shower at the yacht club! We had to paddle around Punta Puna, where right around the corner already the first private harbor started. we paddled through a wide field of outside moored yachts and big ships, right into the last private small harbor of the Yacht Club we were already previously in contact with.

I had fun taking some wet electrical pump pictures in front of the submarine for Mark!

A huge old submarine was now used as a museum ship was inside the harbor! Amazing how it was maneuvered once through that narrow entrance…

Our camp inside the open Pavillion. See the submarine in the background!

They were welcoming us nicely, and despite the *cold* shower we were happy to have at leas *a* shower after the sewage water paddle, and to camp in a safe surrounding inside an open pavilion.

We unloaded the kayaks from the floating jetty, and could just let them sit there in the calm water over night

We could only disembark at a floating low jetty, unloaded on then knees reaching down, and decided to let the kayaks afloat in the very sheltered harbor and on the padded jetty..

Peter boarding his kayak from the floating jetty

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Randall Lackey

Interesting and sad at how poorly things such as sewage dumping are regulated in some countries that I think could do better than that.Safe Paddling.

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