Wed 26/03-2014 Day 636

A floating school or school bus...


Paddling many channels
Pos: here
Loc: Cajubim
Acc: tent at a local’s property
Dist: 43 km
Start: 6:35 End: 15:25

I had to endure a bunch of endless teenie’s visits, although I let them taking pics and talked a bit they were talking and discussing endlessly in front of my tent. When the last group eventually was about to leave and they guessed I was lying down already, I had to shout loud (in German…) at one young man trying to steal some carabines from my deck net. Thought he had some respect eventually…

The launch with my kayak sliding downhill was easy, and I went for a whole day of channel paddling. Sounds easy, but there is also some current and wind, surely mostly against. I made an unnecessary detour of maybe 4 km around what on the chart was a peninsula, on my paper map it was an island. Unfortunately I trusted the chart…

Some more fishing fences


Overall the distance from my launching site direct line was only 27 km, but I paddled 43 km around several corners. I passed many pretty villages between the mangrove areas, the village where I eventually stopped was so big I felt rather like knocking on an inviting looking house for a private camp site instead of camping by the roadside.

My hosts owned a large house with a pool, two fast fishing motor boats and two cars. They offered me the guest room, unfortunately without bug protection, so I preferred to put up my tent on the veranda. No problem. But sure the whole neighbourhood came across to see the strange visitor, and my rest got a bit short in this way. What does one not do for a proper shower and a safe camp site…

They want to grill some fish tonight for me, hope it is not becoming too late…

3 comments on “Wed 26/03-2014 Day 636

Caio Romano

We see who thw person really is, not for what he/she acomplish, but the way he/she treats others. I hope you treat locals with the same respect as they are treating you.
Good paddle!

Randall Lackey

Glad to read of your finding friendly folks to host you again this evening. They must all be so amazed hearing of your travels.Rest well.Safe Paddling


You are the wanderer on kayak accepting what is offered and then moving on. Hopefully you are enriching your hosts lives as you go.
Hope you took photos of the villages:)

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