Wed 26/09-2012 Day 280

Desert mountains in the sun

Pos: here
Loc: Caleta Colorada
Acc: tent
Dist: 51,5 km
Start: 7:45 End: 18:00

Estimated landing: Caleta El Cobre
Estimated starting time: Right after sunrise
Estimated landing time: Well before sunset

All easy going again today…no, sea kayaking can’t be boring with not much challenge! 🙂 I spotted at least a shark fin circling around a pile of rocks, and yes, Peter, this was a shark!

After crossing the first 20 km bay Rada de Paposo, we kept on pointing out interesting objects on the desert coast: “Look, a house!” and “Look, a man!” and “Look, a car!” and as my distance and detail vision is way better at some point I told Peter that there are three or four dogs running behind a car on the Highway No.1″…he didn’t believe me…it’s such an exciting coastline!

A fast running zodiac boat with a cabin came up to us around 11 am from the south- sure, the Navy! FIVE men were busy asking TWO questions – have a great day! Both of us…
They turned back south, but in very late afternoon were passing us a bit off shore north wards again – were they really running up to Antofagasta tonight? Not sure about the range of such a boat…

The sea was calm again, with a little more wind in the afternoon, but basically there were many unprotected beaches were you could land on also. Sure we rather went in with shelter behind our planned headland in Caleta Colorada. The most protected bay had a bunch of huts with a bunch of more or less permanent residents here. The landing was narrow between rocks, and Peter landing second almost hit one, if I’d not hadn’t jumped in and caught his bow. Close… The local people helped us dragging the boats up, and were friendly offering us a place for our tent. Thanks! My handed out cards seem to always impress the fishermen – they know their sea, and may have even heard about Cape Horn…

Not much more to tell today…two and a half days more to Antofagasta!

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Jörg Hofferbert

Now be carefull. Till Antofagasta there is no nothing. No road, no town, no people, no panoramio-photos on google-earth. Moon Area. Always good caleta- or punta-landings.

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